Should Super Mario Galaxy be considered one of the all time greats?

Asked by: Zylorarchy
  • Without a doubt

    I forgot the Wii was considered technologically inferior while playing Super Mario Galaxy. SMG like TF2 proves visuals don't need to be realistic to be spectacular. Along with it's gorgeous visuals, I loved the unique gameplay that was never repetitive and sometimes out of this world (put intended) in creativity, especially the manipulation of gravity. Super Mario Galaxy deserves it's ranking in the gaming universe (again, pun VERY intended. I know! I was no star at making these)

  • Without a doubt

    Playing this game made me forget the Wii was considered a technically inferior system. I fell in love with the game's unique space setting instantly. The visuals, the unique and insanely fun gameplay elements such as the manipulation of gravity, and difficulty just right; there's no denying Galaxy's place in the gaming universe (pun intended).

  • Almost universally loved, unique, excellently reviewed and just amazing.

    This is one of the games I pretty much played everyday until it was complete. I have only ever done that before once, with a game. When that happens, I know it is something special. This game is just amazing on so many levels, considered the eventual successor of Super Mario 64, there has never been a game like it. And this is not only my opinion, as the title says, it is almost universally loved getting a score of 97 on Metacritic, 9.7 on IGN and 9.5 on Gamespot.

  • A very Unique game

    A lot of the Mario games are good, but this is so good, unique, with a exciting story which is long enough to last a long time playing it without being bored of it. It has many fun things to do that makes the game better. And only that, it has the second game. Kids should have this game, I think that this game has a lot of fun things to do, so yeah, it is one of the all time greats.

  • As innovative as it was

    It was not as impressive for its time as some other super mario game. The first super mario game was mind blowing because at the time nothing even remotely close to it existed.

    Mario 64 was also mind blowing as a 3d game of that function had never been attempted.

    Mario galaxies was amazing but not as mind blowingly amazing for the time.

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