• Wow, Im scared.

    You r so mean. Ya know, Wen dey do come to save us all, Dey aint gonna save you! Dey gonna burn you to da ground, Wen dey come along. Yer gonna b sorry wen dey come and defeat dem sew par bad peple. Also, You gonna b so stupid.

  • Nope. Because they are fiction

    I honestly am not sure if this question is meant to be serious. I hope not. Superheroes do not exist. Heroes do not exist.

    People with courage in tough times exist. Do not wait around for heroes to save the day. Just do the best you can when shit hits the fan.

  • No. Superheros can't.

    This is not true this is just stories for little kids to smile. But guess what? That's not how things work. God can make us even happier than a bunch of false stories. And if you ask me "who's your hero? " I will just say to you, "my hero? He died on the cross for me and all of us. "

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