• No, but they should be punished

    Terrorism is dreadful, and terrorists are cowardly pathetic individuals. However at least they can claim to take action. The terrorist supporters can't even claim that. The supporters still create instability in society and condone terrorism for youths and future generations. There is no rational justification of supporting terrorism and they should be punished accordingly. Not sure what an apt punishment would be though.

  • Supporters of Terrorists Should be Labeled Terrorists

    Terrorists are a danger to everyone. They cause problems, death and extensive damage often with extreme measures that only benefit a small number of people. Those who support terrorists either financially or even verbally are just as dangerous as those committing the acts of terror. They enable terrorists making them incredibly dangerous.

  • Supporters of terrorists deserve the label too.

    Supporters of terrorists deserve the label too. This is because modern technology allows people to aid terrorism by, for example, spreading word about meetings, recruiting, and even making friends with them. This is enough to normalize terrorism for our enemies. So anyone who does such things with the end goal of helping terrorists should be treated as such.

  • Yes, supporters of terrorism should be labeled terrorists

    Yes, supporters of terrorism should be labeled terrorists. Supporters of terrorism promote terrorist acts even if they do not commit them themselves. Without supporters for acts of terrorism, terrorist acts would be less likely to occur. Furthermore, the amount of support that the supporter gives can have an impact on the occurrence of specific acts of terrorism.

  • One who covers is crime is a criminal too

    It may sound unfair when you say labeling someone terrorist. But when you support an idea or cause , it means that you are likely to follow that direction. When you support terrorism , it means you agree with the view terrorist have and you think their way is the right way. This in my opinion makes you a potential threat to cause trouble or invoke someone else to cause trouble.

  • Terrorism is becoming less and less about motive and more and more about how the war is waged.

    Terrorists strap a bomb on a person and blow her up. Israel straps a bomb on a drone and blow it up. Is the difference huge? Not really. Not in the method. More in the target. It's better to support those who are blowing up the bad guys. But it's impossible to know for sure sometimes who the bad guys are (the muslims?) so it's best to just punish the terrorists. By blowing them up of course. Preferably before they blow you up.

  • Supporters of terrorists and terrorists themselves by definition are not the same

    If someone does not engage in violent actions aimed at intimidating people in seek of an outcome, no matter how much disdain you feel for the supporter, they are not a terrorist. While supporters of terrorism do promote acts of terror and are not much better than a terrorist, by definition they are not terrorists, but supporters of terrorism. Two separate things. If I were to support the invasion of Iraq, would that make me an invader of Iraq even though I have never been to Iraq or had any involvement of any kind in the invasion? Of course not.

  • They don't always terrorize people themselves

    Google defines a terrorist as "a person who uses terrorism in the pursuit of political aims" while Merriam-Webster defines terrorism as " the use of violent acts to frighten the people in an area as a way of trying to achieve a political goal". Terrorists are those who actively participate in and aid the destruction of life, limb and property to achieve goals. While supporters mostly ARE terrorists themselves, they may or may not act violently towards the public.

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