Should Supreme Court decisions-when unpopular-be assigned to a referendum?

Asked by: GHL
  • Absolutely. Vote on it

    The value judgement of the court are representative of majority so, if there is dissent among the nation, the decision should be put to a vote. Of course this solution would take time to frame and legislate yet, the gist of the solution is presented. I also think that term limits should apply. What say ye?

    Posted by: GHL
  • No. . .

    The entire reason for the court being an un-ellected position that serves life terms is that the courts need to be as separated from the general public as much as possible. The courts need to be impartial when making judicial decisions so they can do what is right, not what is popular.

  • That would defeat the point of the Court

    The express purpose of the Supreme Court is to decide, once and for all, the constitutionality of something (usually legislation). The popularity of a bill does not always reflect its constitutionality. A Referendum deciding the fate of a bill ruled Unconstitutional would break down the one system we have left: the Constitution as the highest power.

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