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I believe surrogate motherhood should be allowed

  I think surrogate motherhood should be allowed. It's giving a mother a chance to have a child that is biological to her, because she can't herself. Every woman should be given the chance to have her own child, just because she physically isn't able to shouldn't keep her away from being a parent. Yes, a woman can adopt a child, but some may want to be biological to a child and they should have that option. Genetically having a child that you've wanted would be a lot better then having one that isn't. Just because someone else is having the child for you doesn't mean it won't be loved as much, it will be loved even more because it's giving a woman a child that she couldn't have by herself. It isn't about the money, it's about giving the gift of love to a person who can't do that on their own. This is why surrogate motherhood should be allowed.
jeannanapolitano says2013-10-11T18:02:24.970
Very well put
tarmstrong1624 says2013-10-11T18:05:54.577
Yes i agree very much.
jeannanapolitano says2013-10-11T18:06:25.357
Me too tarmstrong1624
Jacquiie1 says2013-10-11T18:07:39.617
tarmstrong1624 says2013-10-11T18:09:01.550
No problem bro
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