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It's not right

  I feel these women were not able to conceive for a reason. I guess survival of the fittest has gone out the window. We are ruining the future of our species and while we may not see the effects today the consequences of practices such as these will soon make themselves present.
carolynnt says2013-10-11T17:44:21.690
I don't agree with you at all, it has nothing to do with survival of the fittest. A woman can be infertile for many reasons, not just because she's born with it, accidents can happen that was in no fault the mothers. If someone wants raise a family, then who's to say she can't? There are plenty of unfit woman out their who become mothers, so why not let people who want to have families, have a family.
jeannanapolitano says2013-10-11T17:45:26.847
Just because somebody is inertial doesn't mean that they shouldn't be able to go throughout life without their own child. There are no effects to this child if the surrogacy is done right. A child will not know what has happened when they are younger, but will understand when they are older that their mother couldn't of had children, but loves them as much as if it were their own.
ReganTeagan says2015-03-17T01:59:27.927
This came out of your excretal system
ReganTeagan says2015-03-17T01:59:43.853
ReganTeagan says2015-03-17T01:59:54.947
ReganTeagan says2015-03-17T02:01:48.107
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FJ says2015-04-07T10:44:36.357
So..What u mean is.. The one who isn't blessed to bear up children should stay like that till the end of her life time..? Don't u think it's being rude or sorta cornering them..? With the advancement of the technology why can't we make the m blessed too..? Why can't we make them or give a smile on to their faces..?
sunussa says2017-06-14T09:25:55.107
How can you think this way? For a reason? Which reason for not being able to conceive is reasonable for you? Cancer? Heart diseases? We just need to take the fact that it's kind of survival of the fittest and don't do anything at all? Do you have the same attitude towards illnesses? What if you have a serious disease or at least break your arm, leg or something? Will you stay in bed ready for death and won't try to look for any medical assistance? I hope it is so, otherwise you are just another flake
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