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I completely agree with Surrogate motherhood

  I think that surrogate mothers should be allowed because if somebody can't have children they should still be able to raise a family of their own. To some people, having the same DNA as your child is very important. I believe that if someone is willing to be a surrogate mother to help somebody out, they should be able to. Also, gay people aren't able to have a baby with both of their DNA, so it would be nice to at least have one of the partners genes, and have the other legally adopt the child. If someone doesn't think they would be able to give away the baby after giving birth to them, they shouldn't of signed the contract, although there are now laws and they would have to give up the child to the other family.
Jacquiie1 says2013-10-11T18:02:43.800
Great explanation miss
jeannanapolitano says2013-10-11T18:03:01.007
Jacquiie1 says2013-10-11T18:05:19.220
No probz
Jacquiie1 says2013-10-11T18:05:32.050
No probz
Jacquiie1 says2013-10-11T18:06:02.860
tarmstrong1624 says2013-10-11T18:06:32.533
Quite indubious
ramidole says2014-12-14T07:12:21.543
If you'd do anything for a child, save one. Love should never know any genetic boundary, and surely for anyone to think otherwise is entirely selfish. With every vote for surrogacy, another child - a child who exists RIGHT NOW in a potentially terrible place - suffers the loss of their future. Lastly, you never go into any pregnancy knowing exactly how you'll be affected. No mentally stable woman goes through a pregnancy without developing an attachment to the child within her, and she has borne the child for nine months. Giving up a baby you could not help but love is NEVER going to be easy, and for you to imply so is a display of intense ignorance.
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