• Yes it should be legal

    Surrogacy should be legal. Everyone should have the chance to become a parent. Whether its from a surrogate or from adopting. Having a surrogate allows couples to watch their baby grow from the very beginning and it brings a lot of joy to a lot of people. Adoption is a very long process for some people and to some surrogacy is what they want to have a child with their blood and genes.

  • Yes it should be legal

    If a couple wants a baby but is unable to have one of there own there should be a way to carry there genes without conception, surrogacy helps couples have a child just by caring it. Yes the biological mother could get attached but that's something they will have to deal with in wanting to help an infertile couple.

  • Europe, clean up your act!!!

    Europe, clean up your act!!! Infertile couples have the right to be happy parents! And they are guiltless they are not able to become pregnant in a natural way. I think it’s a little out-of-date position concerning surrogacy bans in European countries. I am infertile so I know for a certainty what I am talking about! For 10 years in a row my husband and I tried our best in order to get pregnant but we have a go at… When we decided to use assisted methods of reproductive medicine we chose America firstly. But we spent a great amount of money and didn’t reach positive result :((( After that we visited India, Russia and Thailand. All our attempts were unsuccessful, again and again. And I want to add that low in this country should be strictly regulated. Before it is even dangerous to deal with them in surrogacy sphere. India and Thailand are awful countries for surrogacy, don’t try your chance there. By chance I found information about one Ukrainian clinic and I decided to try once again especially when I saw this video. I hope that Europe will regain self-control and start to help its infertile citizens. It will make our life easier.

  • Yes it should.

    Surrogate motherhood lets the one who is being the surrogate make extra cash if they need to, while allowing a family to actually have a child when they otherwise might not have been able to. It is a good way for both people to get something out of it when done right.

  • Yest it should be

    As a couple life no matter why kid or baby is very important. The family or couples which doesn’t have baby is same as the person doesn’t have any hop and happiness in their life . In many book and article says that children are the future pillar of the house .So if the mother is not able to pregnant by biologically and she want her own kind and same gen baby surrogacy is the only one way to get her baby and can be happy in her life.

  • Surrogacy should be legal!

    Those who have complications and can not deliver under normal healthy conditions should not be denied motherhood! If someone is willing to conceive your baby for you and your family then it should be legal in order for that selfless surrogate to get the rights she deserves! Without surrogates some mothers would never be able to hold a child of their kin!

  • Surrogate Motherhood should absolutely be legal.

    Surrogate motherhood is an extremely important option for women and men in today’s world. Surrogacy gives individuals and couples who experience trouble conceiving naturally or whom are in same sex relationships the chance to become parents. Surrogacy has been a highly controversial issue but there is always room for discussion and understanding among those involved and concerned.

  • Yes

    I see no problem with it. Unless evidence can be produced that proves surrogate motherhood is a threat to people then it shouldn't be prohibited. Some people may find it strange because they're used to people growing their own babies using their own bodies, but some people are prevented from doing this because of how they're born.

  • Yes, surrogate motherhood should be legal.

    To me, this is not an issue of morality, it is an issue of choice. Some women and couples deeply want children, yet for whatever reason, the woman cannot biologically become pregnant. Surrogates supply a means to the end of allowing a woman or a couple to have a family.

    Women who become surrogate mothers are prepped, primed, and prepared for the task. They are aware of the potential emotional ties to the child and are able to cope with the separation. Couples are likewise adequately prepared to accept the child into what is sure to be a loving home.

    I think conversation on issues such as these is pointless. Who is anyone to interfere with another person's desire or decision? We should, I think, spend more time focusing on how to make the world a better place and leave the living of lives to the people who own them.

  • Yes It Should

    Surrogacy should be legal. Lots of couples and people cannot give birth for many reasons. Lots of women are willing to carry a baby to term for them. If the process involves informed consent, and nobody is taking advantage of anybody else, there is no reason why surrogate motherhood should not be legal to willing people.

  • I think it is not the right thing to do

    There is way to have a baby by IVF; with tube (e.G Louise Brown) apart of surrogate process. Surrogate is not the right thing to do because vulnerable, poor, people have been used as a commodity for the wealthy. The reasons why host mother agreed to do this process is poverty. Selling/giving birth to a body for money doesn't sound right at all no matter if the baby is genetically linked to the host mother. In the end, how the host mother lives, eats, behaves are all link to a child which they develop linkage between mom and child. I think surrogate should not be legal.

  • Exploitation of needy women by offspring-crazed people

    Most surrogate mothers are women with low income and uneducated, often from 3rd world countries. Pregnancy and childbirth are dramatic/traumatic experiences. It is abuse. No person should have an option to be used as a thing -an incubator- because they fell on hard times and someone vile wants to take advantage of it.

    If someone cares about children they can adopt, foster parent, volunteer or educate children.

    But hey, who cares about poor people and not-50%-me people? Let the rich do whatever they want for the dumbest reasons.

  • Guys think about the future

    Come on guise! If you want a child, you can adopt. What's with the "Half my DNA" quote. Is think right to everyone especially children. Don't be so damn selfish ppl!!!!!!!! If you think this is morally right then, i am really disappointed in you man! Come on everyone! Come on!!!!!!!!!!

  • Surrogacy should be illegal

    Surrogacy is definitely a big Controversial issue that really needs to be rethought. It could be argued that surrogacy is a way of giving a couple the gift of a child if they are not able to conceive one traditionally. However when all aspects are taking into account, surrogacy should in fact be illegal.

    Now don't get me wrong, the idea of surrogacy isn't the problem but the way it is handled is.

    For instance, surrogate mothers are "paid for their troubles" and "taken care of " but in reality what this means is just that their silence is being bought and their baby is being sold for a price. Which poses for the opportunity for this question to arise: What is the real difference between surrogacy and human trafficking? Or the question: How much is a child really worth?

    How can we look at ourselves the same way knowing that we put a price on a child's head? Are our morals so compromised that we have become so desperate for a child that we must bargain and abuse the gift of life?

    Many will argue and try to sugar coat that surrogacy is a way of bringing hope and light to a family that really needs it, but what about the surrogate mother? She has to sever the bond between her and her child formed through the 9-10 months of her pregnancy. Imagine the emotional toll that experience takes on her. Imagine having something so precious and pure growing inside of you only to be ripped away from your womb and put in the arms of someone else.

  • It shouldn't be legal.

    As in surrogacy has now become a mean of earning. Poor people agrees to become a surrogate mother as the expecting couple is bribing her for the work.
    Moreover, if surrogacy is banned. The couple would go for other options of reproduction or there are thousands orphan children who are in the need of parential love and family so the expecting couple may go for adoption of the child which will indeed help the country in preventing population as well.
    Hence, there are many other reasons why surrogacy should be banned hence I vote for the disagreement.

  • I think no it should not be legal

    I think no because it takes the baby away from the mother it has been with and a mother away from a baby that she has carried for 9 mouths. Also this could be bad because this mom might fall in love with the baby at first sight or when in her tummy. If people do use a surrogate the mother that carried it should get to help choose the name and see it 3 times a year

  • I think that surrogacy is illegal

    As a matter of fact, it is affected dramatically to the morality of the people. We should not only focus on the contemporary situation, in contrast, it is important to speculate about what will happen next on the women's health after the process of surrogacy. Moreover, it damage the children's feeling whom born by surrogacy emotionally and dramatically.

  • It would not be legal.

    I am convinced that a surrogacy is really very controversial issue. On the one hand, it could bring new faith and hope for the people who can not have children the biological way. On the other hand, it is a matter of morality. Moreover, there are many question available. Although, there could be an legal agreement between both sides, you never know the reaction of surrogate mother after the birth of baby.

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