• Well some one is getting paid

    Doctors who perform surrogacy operations are paid and paid very well for their time. Men who donate sperm are paid often 100 dollars per time for lets say 2 hours of their time to drive, do their thing, and go back home plus the process of producing sperm does nothing to the man's body. They can do this about 4 times a month earning $400 per month for essentially 8 hours of work. If we break it down further, sperm donors essentially make 50$ / hour which is more than many teachers, nurses, and other predominantly women professions. Women should be compensated too, far more because it takes 9 months, not 2 hours, to produce a baby, and they put their body through ghastly changes (hormonal, potential issues with bones, putting on weight, extra weight on joints, emotional stuff, etc.) to do this. 9 months is 6048 hours and that becomes, at 50 dollars an hour, just over 300,000 dollars, but lets say we compensate them better for what they do to their bodies to complete the process and give them a further bonus on top of this. We talk about equality but then we tell women that they should do this because its so kind and giving such an amazing "gift" to a family something that they would other wise not have. That family could adopt or foster a child but they want surrogacy. Supply and Demand.

  • Its a service

    It is a service that can really damage a surrogates body, and mess with her mind. If we are going to essentially use a person to have a child for someone else (essentially like a farm animal) with no strings attached and expect her to give up normal life for a year she should be paid damn well for it (she can't drink, smoke, travel much, she gets fat, it messes with her hormones, it can lead to major health issues, pregnancy is tough on the body, hair can fall out, just no). I honestly think that surrogates should get paid at least 100,000.00 dollars. Also, when people from the Western world go to Asia to find a surrogate they essentially tell the women they approach there that they are worth less than women in the west and that these poor Asian women can be paid to have their bodies used like an animal for breeding. Even the women over seas should be paid a huge chunk to have to do this. Worst job ever.

  • They Ought To Be Compensated

    If a woman signs up to go through a pregnancy and the wonders that that brings---physical, emotional, and mental---she should be compensated for pain and suffering and her time. The baby she's carrying is not really hers, so it's not as though she'll get to enjoy it once it is born. If she's going to endure the rigors of pregnancy and post-partum in order to assist others in fulfilling their dream of parenthood she ought to be paid for this great service.

  • Surrogate mothers need compensation

    If a woman is going to offer her body and time she needs to be paid. The woman goes through 9 months of doctors visits and stretch marks. Then she also has to go through the labor and the contractions and the ripping and tearing. On top of allll that, she has to give up her precious offspring knowing she will possibly never see him or her again. Mothers need to be paid for giving you a child you couldn't produce your self.

  • Yes, there should be compensation.

    Surrogate mothers should absolutely be paid. Being pregnant and giving birth takes a huge toll on a woman both emotionally and physically. If she is going through that so someone else can be a parent, she should be paid. In addition ,there is missed time from work for illness, doctor's appointments, and the recovery after the birth, all without pay in many cases.

  • Surrogates should be paid because growing and giving birth to an infant is a long, life-changing experience.

    Carrying a child changes your life. For many, the first three to six months lead to nausea and vomiting throughout the day and night, plus the sheer exhaustion of growing a child, and that makes it hard to focus on your employment. The second trimester usually finds things improving, but monthly trips to the doctor require time away from work. The third trimester usually increases to doctor visits every one or two weeks, again all missed time from work. There's also the expense of these doctor visits, the birthing classes, and then the actual delivery. Add in the risks to your life if something goes wrong (eclampsia, placental previa, etc.)

    After giving birth, milk comes in, a rather uncomfortable sensation, and a surrogate must take medications to have that milk supply dry up. There are also the post-natal check ups and restrictions to face. After birth, your hips having moved when the pelvis spread, don't really ever bounce back to normal. When you ask a woman to be your surrogate, you're asking her to drastically change her life.

    People willingly pay to adopt a child and surrogacy really is no different in the long run.

  • Yes, surrogate mothers should be paid.

    They are providing a service for a husband and wife, or other, with their body to give them a child. They are giving up nine months of their life, ruining their body and living with the after effects. They should be paid for this beautiful act. I know it is a gift of love, but there should be some type of payment.

  • Surrogant mothers should not be paid.

    I am recently pregnant and i can vouch that once a woman feels the child move it makes her emotionally attached rather its your egg or not she carried the child for 9 months then had to give it up that is wrong, If i was a surrogate mother i wouldnt be able to give the baby up contract or not it would bring me emotional and physical stress.

  • No surrogate mothers should NOT be paid.

    Paying a woman to carry a baby for a couple puts the process in the commercial commodity business. I note the comments supporting it by saying a woman offers her body....She undergoes both emotional and physical changes, etc. well the woman offered to do this, it's not like she was forced. Let nature take its course. If an infertile couple, cannot have biological children, then adopt. I find surrogacy offensive at any level.

  • No, that would just create a career.

    No, it would turn into another way to use women's bodies. Instead of selling themselves for pleasure, they'd be turning themselves into livestock. And ultimately it would be sales of babies, which is already illegal. I think it's fine to pay for the medical care, but a pregnant woman can continue to work and thus doesn't need to be paid just to be pregnant.

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