Should survey downloading sites should be banned such as ShareCash?

  • They caused viruses to be spread.

    Well, there are many reasons why survey downloading sites should be banned, they do it by letting users get something useful, such as downloading cheats for Facebook games, free cracks (piracy) and free video games such as free Halo, However, these files are sometimes fake and commonly cause viruses. Even the downloaders may have virus because they are downloaded from its website. Such as downloading Sharecash downloader from Sharecash.

  • Kind of... But no

    I think its ok except for movies, and the surveys themselves should be banned because when a website has a headline reading "free [file name] download here", then I click download and a survey appears and sometimes it's super hard to X out like if u think the downloads themselves are bad, you probably would want an annoying survey on every download if you couldn't get them to be banned altogether, but I think they will never ban either of them.

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