Should "survivor" be used to describe someone who has experienced sexual or domestic abuse?

Asked by: ladiesman
  • Sometimes people die from sexual or domestic abuse

    So the term "Survivor" makes sense in this context. Sometimes people who are raped are murdered either intentionally or during the violence of the sexual assault, and domestic violence sometimes gets so violent that death occurs. Hence "survivor" is a very apt label to describe these sorts of things as the person is lucky to have survived.

  • If we must put a lable on it.

    We call vetrins survivers because they servived regardless if they were shot at, tortured, or otherwise mentaly or fisicly scared. We call the ones who survive survivers. Thats respect, if you don't want to respect them call them rapevictims, unlucky ones, hit target or what ever but you sir are wrong to assume that Survivers should hold a weaker title.

  • They survived it so... Yeah!

    They were in a dangerous situation and lived to tell the tale. They survived it and, therefore, they must be a survivor.

    Man recovers from cancer: survivor
    Woman escapes an abusive partner: survivor
    A group of backpackers finally get home after being lost in a rainforest for a week: survivor

  • It Sounds Good!

    If you think about it, we're all survivors, because we're all alive. So rape victims aren't necessarily special in being survivors, especially if there's was a case where their life wasn't in danger. But it's a good way to boost someone's self-esteem, so we might as well keep up the practice.

  • Buy a dictionary.

    The person that posted this, ladiesman, thinks "The word "survivor" implies that the victim has gotten over the incident and moved on with his/her life." Though a person may be relatively unaffected by something, i.e. "He survived another day at work." most of the dictionary references imply that it is not without further effects. "The patient survived heart surgery." Though a person may have deep physical or emotional scars, survival implies that they lived on despite them.

  • No I don't think so

    The word "survivor" implies that the victim has gotten over the incident and moved on with his/her life. Sexual and domestic violence is very traumatic and it's difficult to completely get over that kind of experience. The experience is now part of that person and they have to live with that for the rest of their lives.

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