Should survivors of the Armenian genocide receive reparations?

  • The armenian genocide puts Israel and the holocaust in a funny place

    Israel continues to deny this genocides existence, yet they claimed to have been murdered as well and received much for it... Holocaust hoax theories are popping up everywhere and the money trail leads to many suspicions, especially about the reason the young turks murdered armenians considering the christian armenians were the main competitors economically against the jews (before Israel established itself)

  • Let me put it this way.

    A man kills another man and steals his engraved gold watch. 50 years later, the victim's grandson sees another man with the very same watch that can be identified by his grandfather's name engraved on the back. We know that the man who has the watch, isn't the one who killed the man, but it was his grandfather. We also know that he cannot be held responsible for the killing. However, don't you think that the grandson of the man killed should be entitled to get his grandfather's watch back?

  • The Armenian people, after such a long time, deserve it.

    The fact that it's been almost a century that the Armenians have been left all alone after having been exterminated in a historic part of their homeland has been intolerable for survivors and Diasporan Armenians alike. Personnally, I consider the transfer of Ararat to Armenia as one of the main conditions necessary for reconciliation and peace. No Armenian anywhere can feel complete when the national symbol is on the other side of the border. That reality is in itself a repercussion of the Genocide their forefathers suffered. If the Turks care enough about reconciliation and harmony, then they should let go of Ararat. No way around it!

  • Yes they should

    Throughout history armenians have always been an ancient people, and have always had land much greater than this and most of it's heritage is there and I think that the land is the only thing needed from mount Ararat to the Black Sea is what armenians should be compensated for . Also by compensating the armenians and giving some of their ancient land back which they once had armenians and turks will have a stronger bond and thrive as partners for once in history once the borders are open exports and imports will be at an incredibly higher rate due to the face that the oil rich country of azerbaijan can import and export through armenia easier and i think that once all of that happens there will be peace between the Caucasus and south east Europe

  • If you are a direct survivor then yes

    Yes, if you are a direct survivor of the American genocide then they should receive some reparations. If, however, those claiming reparations for their ancestors living or dying through the American genocide should not in no way receive reparations. I say this because they did not personally suffer any mistreatment. Just as slaves were killed, but their families are not receiving any monies for the killed or abused ancestors.

  • It ruined their lives

    I think it would be very hard to make a case that says that this genocide did not completely ruin the lives and the lives of the Armenian children. They should receive reparations so that they can get back on their feet and try to rebuild their lives in a meaningful way.

  • All survivors should

    Survivors of all genocides should have more to be grateful for than their lives. As victims of a widescale atrocity, the survivors of genocide deserve to be paid in whatever way possible for the inhuman crime committed against them by the state, and deserve whatever protection is necessary or even less than necessary.

  • Ly blame the culprits responsible.

    Armenians which failed miserably resulting into a mass ethnic violence amongst the Armenians and the Muslims of the region. FYI 80 percent the relocated Armenians survived.... How do u think there is such a huge Armenian diaspora, they are the descenders of the said people. There is absolutely no evidence of a genocide occurring on the contrary many archival evidence prove that there were monetary as well as tools given to the Armenian people whom were being relocated. It's like the Mexicans in America reblling killing loads of rural Americans then the red neck strike back without American governments consent.There was no genocide it was a western funded rebellion that resulted in a absolute failure that's why the western powers then abound end the Armenian cause look at history. The blame soley rests with the western powers who goaded the Armenian people, and the Armenian rebl groups whom organised such horrifying rebellions. Go ask them for reparations if you guys got the back bone to truly find the culprits. As u know there was considerably more innocent Muslims massacred in the region but were ignored during the conflict by the western powers due to them being of different faith. If Armenians truly had any evidence witness accounts don't count as there are equal large number of witness accounts of Innocent turks being kolped by Armenians. So Armenians should stop lobbying and take Turkey to court which turkey has suggested dozens of times but Armenians rejected. Why reject if u r so sure of a genocide occurring? It's because there is no evidence. So go accept ur fate like men and don't shame ur forefathers.

  • They should sue civilly.

    No, survivors of the Armenian genocide should not receive reparations, because the government cannot be responsible for the actions of a few. Also, a successive government cannot be responsible for the actions of the last government. If they were, no one else would be willing to step into a power vacuum and make the area stable.

  • Aremenian Genocide Survivors Don't Deserve Reparations

    While one side might say that they deserve something, other sides will take the exact opposite stance. Either way, every situation in the world is slightly different, and one option is not always the best solution. People need to keep this in mind before making on judgments on a given issue.

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