• They let Americans die.

    Yes, Susan Rice should apologize for her actions in Benghazi, because her reaction was completely inappropriate, and led to the deaths of Americans. In Benghazi, Americans were left to die, because Obama had to create the picture that he had conquered terrorism. Susan Rice looked the other way while people suffered.

  • Yes, she should apologize

    Susan Rice knowingly gave bad information to the press directly following the US Embassy attack Benghazi, Libya. She was instructed to by her superiors, but she still bears the brunt of the responsibility. Writing her words off as 'incorrect talking points' is disingenuous. I think she should apologize, and the rest of us should move on.

  • Yes, Susan rice should apoligize for her misleading comments

    Susan Rice made comments about the Benghazi attacks on the US consulate that downplayed the seriousness of the events that took place. She implied that the attacks were not pre planned and that they were spontaneous. The fact that four people died, including a US ambassador, should be taken much more seriously and her false remarks were not fair. She should apologize due to the fact that later it was discovered that this attacks were in fact terrorist's actions.

  • She should not

    No, she does not need to apologize to anyone for what she did in Benghazi. I think that she did not do any thing that would make a person mad or get hurt. I think that she is a very smart woman, and that she will do a lot of good for people.

  • Susan Rice does not have to apologize for Benghazi.

    No, Susan Rice does not need to apologize for her actions regarding Benghazi. She has already come forth and humbly explained why things were explained to the American public as they were. Additionally, she has a role in the UN, not the State Department (which governs embassies and consulates abroad).

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