• Sarandon shoots down Sanders rumours

    As a supporter of Bernie Sanders, Susan Sarandon was well within her rights and justified in shutting down rumours relating to Sanders. Controversy is commonplace within the political sphere but sexist and racist rumours especially can have a poisonous effect and Sarandon is only following her conscience by defending Sanders.

  • Yes, Susan Should and Must Continue Shut Down Bernie Sanders Rumors

    As someone that is as politically active as Susan Sarandon, I feel that it is important that she defends and continues to defend the person that she supports. This is nothing different from when some Republican supporters defend Reagan for firing FAA employees or George W. Bush invaded Iraq. She has thrown her weight behind someone that she believes will win the presidency. Why shouldn't she be fully in support of her choice?

  • Rumors are Not the Truth

    Any time that rumors are brought to light they are for only one purpose. That purpose is to make the concerned party look bad. The public does not fact check so when they hear a rumor they take it as truth. It is our duty to make sure that the public is not misled by pettiness.

  • Susan Sarandon has full right to support Sanders

    Susan Sarandon is a supporter of Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders. Being in the spotlight she has the ability to help his campaign and absolutely has the right to defend her chosen candidate. While the reasoning behind it can be questioned, if Susan wants to speak out about possible lies, she can.

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