• Without swear words

    If swear words weren't considered taboo anymore, they would lose their meaning. Once they lost their meanings, then people would find more insulting words. This results in more people being hurt, and can lead to further consequences. Besides, swear words are a way for people to express their anger. If the words lost their purpose and meaning, than it would be harder to express themselves.

  • People on the internet need help

    I think we need to think about other people as well because some people dont wanna hear profanity and sexual inuendos or dont want their kids to hear that. People acting like we about to erase it off the face of the earth. Seriously. If you wanna hear or see that stuff then we are blessed with the internet.

  • Swear words are not just 'another word'.

    It is not just those who are adults who engage in the media. Young children of our society need to learn the value and importance of words. This will not be achieved if they are constantly bombarded with negative language in the media. Children do listen to media. It is not just newspapers and radio stations which are classified as 'the media'. If anything the youth of our society are more engaged in media than adults are. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so many more are websites that are constantly open to swear words which are seen by so many. And those may be swayed in the negative lifestyle's direction. Words are powerful - they must be used for good and not evil!

  • Swear words are just another word.

    Most people use swear words all the time. In fact, people swear so much that swear words really are just some more ordinary words. Swear words are becoming a big part of our society, whether we like it or not, and that part is continuously getting bigger. We should either embrace it by swearing, or ignore it by pretending swear words don't exist. Plus, censorship is another way to say that people are trying to control the ideas circulated in a society. Are we really going to have the media censoring out the things we say and make us seem to say something different?

  • The channels should be able to say what they want

    If they decide whether or not to use curses then that choice should be proven right or wrong based on the ratings. If no one wanted to hear swears on television then this discussion wouldn't be in place. A majority of people like a well placed fuck, shit, or cunt.

  • Do not censor swearing

    As humans we can express emotion with swear words, why should we censor that? Dd dd dd dd dd dd dd dd d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d

  • Do not censor swearing

    As humans we can express emotion with swear words, why should we censor that? Dd dd dd dd dd dd dd dd d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d

  • This is America

    The land of the free and home of the brave. What savagery is becoming this country when a man cant feel free to express his opinion. Last time I checked this isn't communist China, Russia, North Korea, Iran , Pakistan or Cuba This is the greatest country on the planet. Thanks...

  • Even for adults

    I understand how some people can think a word will make children into monsters but how come adult programs need to be censored that are clearly designed for adults such as say family guy, chicago fire and criminal minds. Incredible violence is sometimes shown in these TV shows but some offensive little words are the thing that is going to to harm the children who dont even watch the show.

  • Swear Words Should Not Be Censored

    If saying "FU**" means the same thing as "Frick" or "Crap", then why are those words considered to be socially acceptable. Why are swear words considered "bad". Is it the meaning? If it was, then why can people say "Frick". Why else would the word be considered bad? It would make no sense for the word itself to be "bad".

  • Curse words should not be censored.

    You "The f bomb" and we all know that you mean. You say "the n word" and we all know you mean. You say some type of socially acceptable abbreviation of a curse words and it's okay which is stupid. Saying "The f bomb" versus the actual words has no differences but the positive versus negative stigmatization of it. It's just non-sense to think it makes a difference to say one but not the other. Also, as much as I am against racism, sexism, homophobia I think people should be able to say their rude words because 1.) then you know who the a-holes are 2.) either way you say it, it still means the same thing. Saying: "That person is the n word" versus the actual word instead of "the n word", is redundant and meaningless. 3.) it's oppressive to prevent people from saying something is oppressive because it is oppressive.

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