• Why its bad

    There is no reason why people just think its bad because people use it as an insult so if u say it as a meaning then its fine like u stub your toe and u curse because of the pain then it should be fine but insults are not tollirated

  • Swear words aren't that bad

    If swear words were bad, they should have never been invented. I know that kids swear a lot. I'm not saying they should use them to a teacher or principal. But it's ok if students use them around each other, as long as it doesn't lead to a problem. I really don't think there is a point in banning swear words in schools because the students will use them anyways.

  • To an extent

    It depends on the situation if a group of friends are talking together and they swear then that is tolerated but if you are swearing at someone else that is not okay. Also some teachers swear. In elementary school it should not be allowed but in middle school and high school it is okay. But its not like people can suspend you for saying a swear word or something?

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  • It should be banned but not banned

    The title sounds confusing I know, but when students curse in the environment it influences even younger children to curse which in general does not sound good at all. People say curse words are not bad, honestly nothing makes them bad ta just that they sound vulgar and degrade the English language. For example: if one student were to use curse words in his life, it would eventually come to the point where he can't stop using it in a sentence, like the word "like". It's used all the time even though most of the time it's used it makes no correlation with the topic proposed. Same for curse words, you know the one that also means chicken... If you said that all day it would make no sense with what you were saying unless it had to do with farms, and you would keep using it to the point where you NEED the word to be put into every sentence you speak. Bottom line is, they should be allowed if they are said silently and under your breath (not insulting the teacher of course) but should be restricted if they are screamed, blurted out, or spoken loudly.

  • Bad habits at school?

    Last I checked, swearing happens anyway, regardless of whether it is frowned upon or not. Swearing in school also teaches kids a valuable life lesson: What they can get away with. If they know that they can get away with dun dun dun dun dun, then they know what the extent of their troublemaking can go before it attracts official notice.

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