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  • They are inhumane and no longer necessary.

    Sweatshops are widely considered inhumane and are unnecessary in modern manufacturing. Automation technology has advanced to the point where it is now cheaper and more efficient to have machines do the tasks that were once relegated to sweatshop labor. Since such labor is also inhumane, there is really no justification for sweatshops.

  • Yes sweatshops should be eradicated.

    The simple fact that areas of work are called "sweatshops" is bad enough. That speaks volumes about the work conditions of these areas of employment. Employees in sweatshops work long hours in poor environments for minimal wages. This helps trim costs for manufacturers but these workers are being taken advantage of.

  • Sweatshops Need to Be Gone

    Sweatshops need to be eliminated. While I understand that wages are lower in many countries, there still needs to be some standards of working conditions and hours worked. People should have a relatively safe workplace and should have enough free time to be with their families and pursue personal interests.

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  • Provide living wages

    People in the areas sweatshops exist work in them because it's the best option available to them, if given wages that actually give them a chance to work their way out some day they might even become legitimately good options. It's not feasible to eliminate sweatshops all together, but it's possible to make them less embarrassing.

  • Sweatshops do serve a purpose.

    If Americans are truly concerned about sweatshops, they should stop buying manufactured textiles. There are alternatives to buying the cheapest shirts on clearance at Walmart. This sort of consumer practice is what keeps sweatshops running. Aside from that, if the sweatshops were removed, the region they supported would be devastated.

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