Should Sweden recognize English as the second official language?

Asked by: Morgy
  • People need to become global.

    Here's why it would be a major benefit:

    - Enhanced possibility to communicate with individuals from around the globe
    - Better chances for English-speaking people finding jobs in Sweden
    - Making Sweden more foreigner-friendly
    - Improving connections of international relations
    - A greater opportunity for foreigners to learn and study the English language

    Immigrants from English-speaking countries who do not speak the language are generally at a serious economic disadvantage. It's much more difficult to get and hold a job or find a place to live. If a vast majority (90%) of Sweden's population speaks satisfying to outstanding English, then why make it hard for English-speakers to find a job or live in Sweden?

  • Don't the majority of Swedes know English?

    Especially the Scots-Irish Nordic-sounding brand of northern English (England) and Scots (which is what originally English came from, unRomanized). It's the Italians, Spanish, French, Irish, Germans and even southern English that are at a serious disadvantage if they don't know English or any of the Nordic languages. So I think this question isn't needed.

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