• Clearly They Should

    Everything's a mess right? Well, today it's that Swiss Franc that's going haywire. So, it is obvious that they should be worried about the appreciation of the Swiss Franc. Overall the European economy is having a problem so Switzerland won't be left out of this mess. Especially with the change in banking.

  • All Countries Should Be Concerned About Currency

    As long as each country has different currencies, currency fluctuation needs to be considered on a regular basis. In a global economy, imports and exports are the lifeblood of most industries. Currency fluctuation is important, and currency appreciation in particular will affect both areas. Switzerland should be considering its options going forward to continue growth patterns.

  • Appreciation is dangerous

    Switzerland is already one of the most expensive countries in the world, second only to Norway. If the Swiss Franc keeps on appreciating, it would imply that Switzerland will become even more expensive. And if that happens, one of its chief industries: tourism, can start to dry up. Hence, they should be worried about currency appreciation.

  • That's a good thing

    No, Switzerland should not be concerned about currency appreciation, because that would actually increase their buying power relative to other nations. Switzerland is already a financial powerhouse. They could be even more so if their currency were stronger. Of course, gradual changes are best, but the strengthening of currency is a good thing for citizens.

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