• Syria should adopt Annan's peace plan

    The people of Syria have been suffering greatly for years with no end in sight. Thousands have died and multitudes are homeless. Kofi Anna's peace plan is worth a shot. The civil war is a stalemate and it seems unlikely that there will be a clear winner any time soon.

  • Kofi Annan proposes a peace plan that is fair.

    Kofi Annan has proposed a plan for the Syrians to end their civil conflict. The plan offers sacrifices from both sides. However, even if the Syrian government accepts the proposal, but some of the rebels resist, what should be done then? All that is needed is one faction of about 30 members to act with indiscretion within the next five years, and the Syrian government will have full authority and UN support to put down what would then be labeled "terrorists."

  • It has gone on long enough.

    Yes, Syria should adopt Kofi Annan's peace plan, because the civil war in Syria has gone on for over a year, and it is time for a resolution. The plan involved pulling the troops from the small towns and villages, which is a major concern of the people. They should have gone forward with the resolution, because there have been so many deaths already.

  • I think they should

    Kofi Annan's peace plan seems like a positive step forward in a country and region that has been dealing with so much turmoil over the past year or two. It is necessary for people like Kofi Annan to continue to step up and be breaths of fresh air for these areas.

  • Keep it going

    No, they should not adopt this peace plan, because it is not going to work over their, because they just have to much conflict going on right now. I think that they need to keep their fights going, until finally a side will give in and they can join as one.

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