Should Syrian Refugees Be Allowed Into The United States?

Asked by: archerh
  • It is morally correct that Syrian Refugees be allowed into the United States.

    OK. To Americans, I'm going to sound like the grinch at a Christmas party here. I can't blame them: who wants to hear that their country is the problem causing this refugee crisis to intensify? No one. And yet that is what is happening.

    I am a legal resident of the United States, and I have been lately horrified by the current administration issuing travel bans on refugees. Actually, this problem is partly America's fault. The United States is acting the same way every imperialist country ever acted in history. Why was the Cold War fought in proxy wars instead of a gigantic, single war fought in either the USSR or the United States? The answer is that both countries didn't want their countries to be destroyed, but they had to settle a dispute somehow. So what do they do? They ravage the Middle East, Korea, and Vietnam. Do they care what happens to those countries? No! Not at all! Do you think they lie awake in bed every night thinking about what they did? No! Absolutely not! Why did the US fight the Korean war? Not to protect South Korea. (Actually, if the US hadn't intervened, Korea would still be unified and we wouldn't have the DPRK missile crisis.) To protect themselves. Why did the US try to put SADDR (missile detection systems) and missiles in Korea? To protect South Korea? No! They just want to protect themselves. If nuclear missiles explode over Korea and millions die from the radiation, why should the United States care? Guam wasn't attacked.

    Syria was messed up by other imperialist countries and the United States has a moral obligation to help the people that powerful nations have displaced. G7 should stop complaining about the 'refugee crisis': it's all their fault! True, some problems in Syria are internal. But those internal problems may have been prevented if it weren't for external conflicts. Why is Africa still underdeveloped? Because of the 'scramble for Africa'! True, many African countries have internal problems-but those aren't entirely their fault.

    It is therefore ethically correct that Syrian refugees be allowed into the United States without much trouble.

  • If we want the fighting to end, yes.

    Violence begets more violence, in order to break the loop, we must ether stop fighting and let the events in the middle east run it's course, effectively abandoning our allies, while making friends with our enemies, hoping that after they are done slaughtering our allies, that we will be able to forgive each other for the wrongs we have done to each other.

    Or we can let people in, slowly building trust with one another, until the reason why we where fighting has died with the old solders, and when they go back to rebuild, they won't have as much of a reason to want to destroy us.

    Or we can just keep them there, bomb the hell out of them and their loved ones, and then wonder why the next group that immerges, from the ashes of ISIS, and wants to kill us, after we so kindly provided them with the latest puppet government.

  • I suppose it's not my choice though.

    They deserve a break, and the US should at least TRY to be the least corrupt out of the three superpowers. Specially with Donald Trump as the president, you sure could do with some good publicity, eh? I think YES that syrian refugees should be allowed into the united states.

  • Sure, as long as they're normal people

    I'm probably going to sound rather naïve here, but I simply don't see why all Syrian refugees should be banned because a few deranged idiots are going round with the intention of blowing themselves up. I mean, it wouldn't hurt to check them for any previous history of extremism or violence before letting them in, would it?

  • NO more immigrants. Period.

    It doesn't matter who they are. The united states is already full of plenty of immigrants. We do not need these people here.
    The US is always in other peoples business and trying to help people when the country can't even help itself.
    Just F off and stop.
    The government surly wants them here because they want to makes whites the minority so they gain more power and control. What they fail to realize is that when most whites are gone from the US, They ain't going to have anymore power and then the whole thing will come crashing down.

  • This Move Is Welcoming Terrorism.

    There are far too many Middle-Eastern individuals hell-bent on destroying our nation and harming or torturing citizens. It is not a coincidence that the majority of those from these and the other countries identified on the ban have malicious intentions. We already have too many domestic problems; don't create another one!

  • Far too dangerous.

    Sure, there may be people in Syria that need our help and would love to come to the U.S. but there is also a great risk of terrorists who's goal is to come here to kill people because their nation considers all Americans as evil. Just look at all the recent acts of terror caused by Muslim extremists in the U.S. and other countries.
    If they look at our history, they could see how Muslims are getting off pretty easy with just travel bans. Look at what happened to Japanese citizens during WWII. They got put in interment camps and even tho my ancestors came from Holland and Germany prior to WWI, tho they were legal citizens, many got harassed, mistreated, and even tared, feathered, and run out of town just because they spoke with an accent and had German sounding last names.

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