Should Syrian refugees be allowed to enter Canada?

Asked by: Intrigued
  • Why all this fuss.

    I just can't believe how some Canadians think. All those refugees who were brought to Canada so far are only in the few tens of thousands! How would that affect the life of an average Canadian? ! Much poorer countries allowed hundreds of thousands and they are still fine. What a shame. Yes some of these refugees are filthy, So as you or any Canadian have lived in their shoes under the dictatorship, Isolation, Corruption and poverty in Syria you would turn filthy too. . . Yes some of them are so backwards but in general they are versatile and smart people if you put them in the right direction. We are investing in and giving hope for the young people here. If Canadians are living in tough conditions, Don't blame those poor people, Blame your gov for the high taxes, Low wages and wasting many opportunities to expand our commerce globally. What a shame. . .

  • They are all human too.

    I think some sympathy is needed as at the end of the day they are all human too. They are all forced to leave as it would be a risk to them and their family's lives to stay. They are normal people with jobs, homes and family's, just like me and you, they majority don't even want to leave. And if they survive the journey to Europe they are faced with filthy camps, infested in rats and have filthy water supplies contaminated with faeces; many of the inhabitant's suffering from e-coli, tuberculosis and serious post-traumatic stress. This is cruel to let these people suffer. They are humans too.

  • Uncouth filthy villagers who harass others? Never allowed.

    Not at all. How strange that money will be literally thrown at these people for every single thing, their house, food, and living, while real Canadians aren't getting this. Why should the hard-earned money of my parents who actually CONTRIBUTE to the economy and are intelligent people with a value have their money given away to uncouth, illiterate pieces of junk?

    Not all of them but a lot of these filthy refugees are backwards, narrow-minded scum with no values or compassion for others - ironic, because them coming here and being given everything on a silver platter is compassion from Canada, but they themselves have no gratefulness, no compassion. The media is all a lie, and I have experience of how fake the news is with regards to how 'grateful' these shitty people are. A few years ago I was living in a basement with a filthy refugee syrian family above who had FIVE children and ONE more just born in order to populate the country with their filth. All day and every day these vile people, including the parents, would BANG BANG BANG BANG the floor like cars were crashing on the ground, you would think the ceiling would fall down. These people were told repeatedly by the LANDLORD, by ME, my FRIEND, my PARENTS, and even by a legal notice telling them they would be evicted if they continued this harassment by making abnormal levels of noise. They are so uncouth and repulsive that they DID NOT STOP ONCE. They didn't even REDUCE the banging, just kept going like crazy. At early hours of the morning, at late hours of the night, these retards would cause so much harassment that I, as a student, couldn't even complete my semester well. My sleep was ruined and destroyed, I developed insomnia, etc. And the hard-earned money of my well-established, intelligent, and hardworking parents go towards every meal of these disgusting, evil people.

    Think about it - they're suffering so much in their so called 'war torn' countries. Would such people not be considerate towards others? Would someone who was just suffering in a TENT in the middle of no where not have the sense to respect OTHERS after being given a full fledged house and food? These illiterate people don't respect Canadian laws and values. They have no regard for others but themselves and populating the country with filthy children. It is very sad to be saying this but these people have proven to be disgusting. They even destroyed the landlord's house. They ruined her walls, floors, stripped the paint, destroyed appliances, despite being taught by some refugee program people on how to properly use these items, but of course the uncouth filth wouldn't heed it. Vile people who harass others should be allowed into the country? WHY? Are they made to contribute to the economy? They sit on their as* and get money for being helpless little refugees even years after coming here. Just NO.

  • They need to stay in there country

    They don't belong her stay in you own country all you are going to do is steal jobs and make us lose income and the government has to pay for you so just stay so then we don't need more problems with you people creating more work for our police.

  • No we shouldn't let them in

    I feel like there are a lot of reasons why we shouldn't take in refuges and I'm just basing this off opinion/some facts I'll only research to attack responses I guess.

    1. Tranquility will be threatened
    Terrorist could sneak in or a refuge may not have "acceptable morals" and could be a threat to Canada or the U.S.

    2. COst
    The cost to take these refuges are high in fact countries like Jordan can't afford the refuges in there own countries. Canada probably could but still isn't worth it in the in due to the possible threat from some refuges.

    3. Cost and analysis
    It's questionable whether its worth it to take in people who may not benefit the economy or society of the region itself. I know this sounds cruel but you have to take all things in consideration. Furthermore the possible casualties from deadly people among the refugee groups. It's not safe to open up borders right now.

    4. Fairness
    A philosophical question is raised if we allow floods of refuges to go into Canada.. And then possibly enter the U.S. Is it fair to let a bunch of people flood in but continue to keep Mexicans from coming in? Double fencing could be implemented soon across the border making it even harder for immigrants to cross without the citizenship process. Wouldn't be fair if we let refugees just flood in here from a even further location and who are even more dangerous because of this fact flood in here.

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