• Yes,syringe needles should be given to drug users

    Although somewhat controversial,it has been shown that giving needles to addicts can actually be healthy for the individual as well as society in general.Giving out clean needles cuts down on the spread of disease when dirty needles are used.The expense of giving out needles is a lot less than the disease might cost society

  • Cleaner needles save lives.

    Should addicts be given Syringes? As long as their clean, yes. This debate has been going on for some time, and will probably continue for years to come. You have to understand; it's not for me to criticize or make fun of, no, it's the addict decision not mine. If we can supply them with some much needed advice when handing out syringes than it may do some good. But to criticize another person's behavior, that would be kind counterproductive. Does break my heart? Yes. To see anyone abuse themselves is truly disheartening, but we can only do so much.

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