• Yes, he should.

    He is going to cost the country more money because they will have to up their security because of his escape and I think that means his sentence should be longer. Trying to escape or do crimes behind bars often amounts to longer sentences and I don't think this should be any exception

  • T.J. Lane should receive more prison time for his escape.

    More prison time should be given to T.J. Lane for his escape after he was sentenced. He is a killer and was found by officers with a weapon after he escaped from prison. He should also be moved to a maximum security prison since he has made it clear he can escape from his minimum security facility.

  • We have to have justice.

    Yes, T.J. Lane should get more prison time for his escape, because we need to send the message to other prisoners that there will be consequences if they try to escape. There are so many prisoners. If they know they can escape without consequences they might as well try every single day. We have to have order.

  • Lock Him Up - Never Find The Key Again

    While extra prison time on life sentences are never really helpful in the long run, this person should never get out of prison. He killed three students for no reason, and treated the victim's families and the justice system with total disrespect. An attempt to escape just shows his complete lack of remorse, and there is no telling what he would do to others if he ever escaped again.

  • It doesn't matter

    He all ready has three life sentences. Adding more time won't make any difference. I live near chardon and I am very saddened by what he did. He got what he deserved. After murdering three of his class mates he will not ever see the outside of a prison cell.

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