• Help people learn

    When kids wake up early and go to school they don't want to open a big textbook to learn, sure it might make them smarter but tablets can make them learn in a creative way. Many apps can help kids learn in a new and creative way. Also if there is a new big discovery on a big subject they have to type and publish the book when and app can type and update the app instead of buying multiple book. Sure a tablet can be expensive then buy 1 or 2 for a class.

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  • Way better ya think?

    Yeah because it holds wayyy more books in lighter waight :D am I right?Who wants to carry a bookbag around full of heavy over dated stuff and have back pain and just carry a tablet and it wont be as near as heavy as a text book ya get me?

  • The environment point of view

    Replacing books and paper is a good idea as one person themselves can save 1 to 2 trees .This is helpful to the envir as we need trees to live .And teck has become so carbon dioxide free that this option might work in good ways and children don't wanna wake up in the morning go to school and open big bulky books and learn math were iPads u just turn them on and tap an app and boom you're learning .My point has been made .
    Thanks for reading .

  • It's way faster to switch through books.

    Plus kids really don't like books as much as tablets, and a tablet can't tear or give people paper cuts. A tablet can last many many years without breaking, if your careful and responsible. So that's why tablets should replace textbooks.So so so so so so so so so useful.

  • Textbooks are good

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  • Tablets are way more better

    Tablets are way more better than textbooks and books are shitty they are booring and textbooks are only written ..But tablets are not only written but also visual and with audio which help to learn alot, and the world we living today is the generation of IT.. So yes tablets should replace textbooks.. ;)

  • It sounds kewl

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  • Tablets v.S textbooks

    Is it possible that tablets could replace textbooks ? An informal survey found that most students at Evans Middle School want tablets to replace textbooks . Research indicates that tablets should replace textbooks in class because they have the newest information , they are easier to use , and there is no evidence to link tablets being more expensive than textbooks .

    The strongest argument for tablets is that they have the newest information on just about everything . According to ProCon.Org , a supporter of this argument , tablets are better than textbooks as most research shows .

  • Tablets should not replace textbooks!!!!!

    Tablets shouldn't replace tablets because tablets aren't always dependable. What happens when your tablet shuts off or breaks down. At my school we have tablets and to most students our tablets are 50 pound paper weights. Tablets also distract students from learning.
    Last year my school let us have the app store and that caused a big problem, but this year we don't have it but kids can still go to the internet and get distracted. Also tablets cost $ and this money comes from parents and tax payers. Last but not least of all they half to pay ppl to work with the tablets which = more$$$$$$

  • No, tablets should not replace textbooks for he following reasons:

    1. Textbooks are better than tablets when it comes to reading prehension helping students remember and learn more.
    2. Some students aren't good with technology. They may be new to it. Others may be accidental-prone.
    3. Tablets are EXPENSIVE! What if you had to repair one? How much would the parent need to pay?
    4. Some people can't afford Wi-Fi.
    And that's only the beginning!

  • Tablets shouldn't replace textbooks

    1. The electricity and Internet bill goes up
    2. The radiation that comes from tablets is not good for your eyes
    3. It's easy to fool around on a tablet
    4. If a student forgets their tablet at home they will be behind in class
    5. When a tablet needs to charge there will not be enough power sources in a classroom
    5. If the school or district board don't pay for the tablet (which they probably won't) then the parents will and not all parents can afford that

  • Health Problems and Environment Issues

    Although textbooks may cause back pain to several students, tablets are worse. While some people say that getting tablets are saving the earth or conserving paper, tablets actually destroy the earth more than textbooks. In order to make a tablet you need 38 pounds of minerals, 79 grams of water, 100 kilowatt hours of fossil fuel resulting 66 pounds of carbon dioxide. Tablets also give a lot of harm to the human body. Tablets cause eye strain, eyes getting weaker, tablets release radiations that may cause cardiac problems, back pain from slouching/hunching, cyber sickness, can lead to a phobia of being without it (Nomophobia), text claw, dry eye syndrome, depression, chronic pain, and more. Although tablets are easier to use and are more convenient than textbooks, textbooks shouldn't be replaced unless the goal of teachers and schools is to harm students.

  • Tablets shan't replace textbooks

    Tablets shouldn't replace textbooks because students may get addicted to the internet. This is not good for their academic performance, interpersonal relationships and a lot more. Students may go on game websites during lessons instead of listening to the teachers. Then, the students cannot learn anything, so tablets are useless.

  • Viruses get in

    When we use a tablet,we download software in it .Along with the software,many viruses comes in the tablet and they destroy it. As compare to books, viruses can't destroy books. If tablets are used instead of books in the school, viruses will be the one to disturb students from working on tablets

  • Tablets make it too easy to get distracted

    Using tablets makes it easy to get distracted and use the tablet for things other than educational purposes.
    Tablets also need to have access to WiFi or have cellular data, both of which cost.
    Tablets can cause health problems, such as headaches, eyestrain and blurriness.
    And tablets also will be outdated very soon, with our technology ever-increasing, tablets will eventually be old and unable to stand with our current technology, therefor making us find a different option.

  • Kids would play games

    Okay look I'm a kid so you should not because from my opinion i would play games and so would some of my friends. Because I'm in eighth but in sixth we had i pads to do work on kids were taking pictures and playing games. So say NO okay

  • Too easy to get distracted

    It is too easy to get distracted with an electronic device in your hands. Tablets have other things on them, such as games, and other "entertainment". Also, calculators and other electronics that help kids solve problems makes them dumber. If they are allowed to use calculators in elementary, and get all the problems right, in college, can they cheat? No. Textbooks work your mind more than tablets

  • It would be destracting

    Kids would likely download games and play them instead of doing school, and it would be expensive to buy tablets which would have decaying battery life instead of a book which, if properly taken care of, can last for hundreds of years. This is my opinion, and you do not have to agree.

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