• Tablets don't work like that

    You can restrict usage and other things. It is important to introduce kids into technology as it is slowly becoming status quo. I believe everyone should know at least how what technology is. I believe that technology is important in the future and modern society. Tablets can have it set to where you can not access certain things. Of course you can't block all the distracting things, But it is possible to have the teacher patrol and monitor activity via walking and watching their activity on another screen

  • Fewer books to carry around

    The reason I said yes was that I am currently a senior in high school and personally I hate carrying books around in a big backpack and I also hate shuffling in class you know when you have a problem and you forgot to get your notebook out of your bag then your digging through your bag and you finally find it well with the solution of the tablet no more shuffling in class

  • Same as above

    I'm Homeschooled but my friend has seen kids play games. You know how you can have gray boxes that hold more than one app? Well, Smart kids hide games on those gray boxes by putting a lot of school apps on the FIRST page of those gray boxes then putting a lot of games on the other pages. Plus teachers don't even know what geometry dash is, They think it is a math game, Well think again! Ipads freeze get hacked get stolen among a lot of other things. I will give you a site below. E. C.

  • Its the 21 st century

    Like people we living in a world where everything nowadays is technology, We hv cars which can drive by themselves, Waterproof phones etc. So why not impact it n bring it to schools n let children learn tec at a young age. . . Technology is the future so we should start now. . .

  • Weight, The ability to update with ease, Saves paper/saves trees

    It's pretty self explanatory, But as my opinion states: We can save trees, Save paper, Carry less weight on our backs (and in turn have fewer doctor visits because of a strained shoulder or back), And our textbooks will always be up to date. Not only that, But your homework would always be at your fingertips. No more forgetting it at home, No more "my dog ate it, " and no more teachers having to strain to read someone's handwriting since they can complete assignments on the same tablet.

  • Tablets are faster.

    We are saving 1-2 trees if we are using a tablet, While if we are using a textbook then we are using 1-2 trees. Tablets are so fast because you just open it and press the app then you are learning. Textbooks break easily, While when you use a tablet then it won’t break it will last years. Texbooks make you have a paper cut, While when you use a tablet you won’t have a paper cut.

  • Tablets are faster.

    Kids don’t like books as much as tablets. Plus we are saving the trees, We need trees to live and if you are going to use a textbook then you are using 1-2 trees. You won’t get any paper cuts from a tablet, But from a textbook you get a paper cut. Textbooks break while tablets won’t, Well if you drop it it will but it will just have a crack.

  • Lets take a look

    Lol i love how all the NO comments are educated and reasonable and UNDERSTANDABLE when the yes ones are probably from first graders but let me elaborate. Most kids complain that their CENTURY old textbooks are dull and boring and i can agree, they ARE!! But i have seen multiple complaints that the screen is too bright or it hurts there eyes to read for two long, there are two solutions to this, you can turn the brightness down or there is a "reading" version that dampens the whites so it easier to read. Exceptionally, i think that tablets are a great addition to classrooms from my own personal experience.

  • Yes I know this because

    Text books have paper witch give papercut and tablet can’t of course if you break the screen you don’t have to play games and the websites are good of course you need WiFi like games no YouTube and you could also do learning games at home that’s why you should have iPads at school.

  • Yes I know this because

    Because you could get on unlimited amount of learning experience and you could get more intelligent because you can take your iPad home with you so then do it at home and so them after your done you can play games so that is why you could use iPads more

  • Textbooks vs. Tablets

    Did you ever realize that technology affects schools extremely in negative ways? Some details that prove my point are, " It costs a lot of money to buy enough tablets for an entire school, and tablets bring distractions like games, e-mail, and websites." From the article I've recently read I can infer that, the blameless, or in other words "good" invention, the textbook shouldn't be replaced by a piece of overpriced and distracting technology.

  • No tablets !

    Students believe that textbooks should be replaced by tablets but why? Tablets cost way too much and gets students easily distracted. For example,students using tablets have a higher possibility of loosing eye vision. Also,tablets could overheat and cause fires or even electrical circuits. Clearly,textbooks should not be replace by another distracting electrical device.

  • No,No Tablets accepted

    People belief that tablets should replace textbooks,but I disagree for the following reasons.Students could get easily distracted in games, e-mail and websites.In a article I briefly read it states,"a print textbook cannot freeze or break.It cost a lot of money to buy enough tablets for an entire school.As well a print textbook does not need electricity to work".In other words,this is why I belief textbooks shouldn't be replaced by tablets.

  • Textbooks should not be replaced by tablets

    I disagree with the idea of replacing textbooks over tablets. A lot of money will be wasted and tablets can get viruses. In my opinion, why replace something that is cheap and has been used for many years with something (tablets) that could eventually become a distraction in the classroom ?

  • Tablets vs. Textbooks

    I believe that we should keep books. They have been a part of our history for centuries. Tablets and electronics have been proven to cause Cancer because of the radio waves. Many glitches in the software can easily screw up whatever you may be doing, and what if that's important? Tablets and electronics are excessively expensive, and people can't afford that just so they can read a book. They can be hard to navigate, too. It would be too much of a difficult change for strong readers to change to a bright tablet.

  • From a Student's Perspective

    I am a current high school senior, and I've been in the education system long enough to see the transition that has taken place as computers and tablets begin to replace common textbooks. Here are some things that I have noticed:
    1. Having to read a textbook on a screen of any sort is difficult. The glare from a screen makes it hard to focus on what the text is saying. By the time I'm done with all of my homework my eyes are sore, and I have a headache.
    2. Not only this, but in a paper textbook it is much easier to flip back and forth between pages. Assigned questions are usually at the end of a section, and it is much faster to be able to look back and forth between the question and the text than it is to try and scroll up and down on a tablet.
    3. Too much screen time is harmful to children and adults alike. Psychology Today published a study that found that screen time is "associated with structural and functional changes in brain regions involving emotional processing, executive attention, decision making, and cognitive control." You don't have to look far to find a wide range of studies that show screen time can be detrimental to a child's health.
    4. As far as the element of distraction while using the tablets goes, I do not think those arguments stand. There are ways to limit what a student has access to on a tablet. At my school we took an online standardized test, and as soon as the program was opened, everything else on the machine was locked out until the test was finished. I do believe that tablets will affect a student's ability to focus, although I also think that schools will do everything they can to prevent distractions on the tablet itself.
    5. For me, I enjoy using electronics for fun. I have an Instagram and a Facebook - both of which I use on a regular basis. When I have online assignments, it's difficult to get them done efficiently. When I was younger I was always supposed to get my schoolwork done BEFORE I was allowed onto the computer. Our education system is trying to flip this equation, and it makes me uneasy.
    6. The "Latest and Greatest" isn't always so great. In America we crave the newest car, the latest iPhone, and wait in line for hours in order to purchase things that we end up using only once. But hey, at least we can brag about how we own it. These cultural traits are working their way into our schooling system, and it's twisted. A new tablet doesn't mean that students will "learn" any better, just as much as the newest iPhone won't improve your social life.

  • It would be destracting

    Kids would likely download games and play them instead of doing school, and it would be expensive to buy tablets which would have decaying battery life instead of a book which, if properly taken care of, can last for hundreds of years. This is my opinion, and you do not have to agree.

  • Too easy to get distracted

    It is too easy to get distracted with an electronic device in your hands. Tablets have other things on them, such as games, and other "entertainment". Also, calculators and other electronics that help kids solve problems makes them dumber. If they are allowed to use calculators in elementary, and get all the problems right, in college, can they cheat? No. Textbooks work your mind more than tablets

  • Kids would play games

    Okay look I'm a kid so you should not because from my opinion i would play games and so would some of my friends. Because I'm in eighth but in sixth we had i pads to do work on kids were taking pictures and playing games. So say NO okay

  • Tablets make it too easy to get distracted

    Using tablets makes it easy to get distracted and use the tablet for things other than educational purposes.
    Tablets also need to have access to WiFi or have cellular data, both of which cost.
    Tablets can cause health problems, such as headaches, eyestrain and blurriness.
    And tablets also will be outdated very soon, with our technology ever-increasing, tablets will eventually be old and unable to stand with our current technology, therefor making us find a different option.

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