• My name is bob

    People need to be free. Let them be free. China sucks. Us is awesome. Carl Azus for president. China is a communist and they suck big fat huge great booty hole Taiwan wants freedom give it to em and give me a lot of money like a lot of money.

  • No, China would not allow it.

    No, Taiwan should not declare independence, unless it wants problems with China. China does not want Taiwan to be independent, and if it came down to it, Taiwan would not beat China in a military conflict. Taiwan should be happy with what it has and enjoy peace, rather than start a fight with China.

  • Taiwan needs good adiministration.

    I don't think that Taiwan should declare imdependence for many reason. First of all its too small of a country with lots of population. Taiwan also lack some administration problem. It would be better for them to have other countries support in many ways. And it seems so far that they don't have any problem with their independence.

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