Should Takata be held criminally liable for hiding known airbag flaws?

  • Absolutely he is.

    All involved in hiding the air bag flaws have to be prosecuted; they are all at fault in murdering all those innocent people as is a criminal shooting people knowing they will cause bodily harm. All who knew must pay for their crime, including Takata, otherwise it would a complete aberration of justice. Monetary compensation alone won't bring the dead back. Do not let the culprits HIDE behind
    a corporation.

  • Willfully suppressing defect

    The executives who decided to delay and limit the recall should be in prison. The victims should be compensated to the nTH degree. Corporations are people right? People go to prison. This LLC crap is ridiculous. Limited liability corporation, basically it says we can do unlimited harm and not suffer from our criminal corporate assholeness.

  • It can hurt people.

    Yes, Takata should be held criminally liable for hiding known airbag flaws, because they knew that hiding the flaws would hurt people. It is no different than spiking a drink, handing it to a person, and telling them that the drink is safe. A person should be responsible when they knowingly take actions that hurt another person.

  • Yes, they should be held criminally liable.

    Yes, I think that Takata should be held criminally liable for hiding known airbag flaws because this is real peoples lifes that they have put at risk by hiding these flaws and if there was any danger to any human it should have to be known immedediately so this wasn't right.

  • Takata Hiding Flaws

    Takata should be criminally charged in knowingly hiding airbag flaws. Many are just finding out about the major airbag flaws in certain cars. These flaws aren't new, the manufacturers have known about the potential dangers these airbags possess but they instead deleted all info from their computers and turned a blind eye in fixing this problem. This itself is negligent and lazy of Takata and could in turn cost many human lives.

  • I do believe Takata should be criminally liable!

    To this day when watching live news and I see a huge car company get sued and then having to get more than half their cars recalled, no one gets charged! Ever! How come the owner of the car company whom knew that these airbags were defective, not get charged for murder! Many people died because of these issues!

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