Should taking medication be against the rules at school?

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  • Let them be.

    I think medication should be allowed,many children are in pain and some just really need it!Children are not addicted to these pills,nor will they be if they were raised right.If some are addicted,it is not the school's job to word about it,let the parents know and let them handle it.

  • No, students are people too.

    No, taking medication should not be against the rules at school, because students are people too, with feelings and medical needs. Teachers should be able to regulate and dispense medications to students that need them. Students should have every advantage during a school day, and that means taking medication or ibuprofen if they need it.

  • Not Against the Rules

    Taking medication at school should not be against the rules. Sharing medication or not having a note for the medication should be against the rules. There are certain people that would require medication and they should have a right and access to the medication at all times including when at school.

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