Should talk radio show hosts have limits on their free speech because they make a profit on such rights?

  • Yes, there should be limits.

    While free speech is a right, it can cross lines sometimes. Free speech does not give one the right to insult groups of people. Insults and slurs become offensive speech. There is a difference in exercising your right to free speech and making offensive comments. Some radio hosts have learned the hard way to watch what they say on the radio.

  • No, free speech is a right of all

    Radio show hosts have to make a living just like anyone else. They need to get sponsors to pay for their airtime, that’s just the nature of their work, that’s how they get paid. They should not be constrained, have their freedom of speech taken away, or have to alter their messages because of the economic facts of doing business in America

  • Because it is decent.

    No, talk show radio hosts should not have limits on their free speech because they make a profit on such rights, but because they have a wide audience and they should speak decently. Other than profanity and obscene literature, they should be able to say what they think will make them that profit.

  • No, profiting is part of free speech.

    One of the beautiful things about free speech is that you can use it as a platform to make money in a system where money is the king of everything. If you are unable to use your skill as a speaker, whether it is on the radio or otherwise, you should be allowed to do so.

  • Not at all

    No, they do not need to have limits on their free speech rights. They make a lot of money because people want to hear their views and hear what they have to say, and that is a very important thing. the people want to hear the opinions that the have.

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