Should talking in different languages be illegal?

  • Its America speak american

    In america we speak american not mexican, English, Canadian, Jewish, African, Kazakh, Australian, Chinaese, Cammunist, Germanyist, Greek, Hespanic, Asian, Japanese, Indian, Antartik, Jamacan, Black, Spaghetti, Irish, Scottish, Arabian, Persian, Brown people, Turkyish, Rushing, Mongorian, Lattin, Surrender, European, South american, North american, Viking, Spanish, Portugeese, Vietnamese, Philapaese, Bruzilian, Impact font, Etc etc

  • Yes yes yes

    This is America. Speak English.
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  • Freedom of speech, Bitch!

    Protected by the first amendment. You can say whatever the hell you want, I don't give enough shits to make it illegal. You want to speak Chinese? Spanish? French? Arabic? English? Go ahead. Want to speak in pig-latin? It'll be kind of annoying but I'm not going to be the asshole to tell you that your language is illegal, Whatever it may be.

  • No! Definitely NOT.

    In my opinion, We need to (and should) embrace multiculturalism, Together. Languages are like an emblem of who we all are. It is the carrier of our heritage and our cultural identities. Language diversity is a significant social function that brings us all together, As one united people. Most importantly, Languages are what makes us human. We should all cherish and remember that! Always, Period!

    To all the other folks who voted yes in this debate, I think you should be more open-minded than you currently are right now. Racism and prejudice exist, But they certainly are NOT welcome in our communities. No way!

  • Just because we have a national language dosen't mean that everyone should be forced to speak it

    Also then kids wouldn't be allowed to take a language in school. Most countries speak two languages. It woud be essentially impossible to enforce. Imagine if a naitive spanish speaker accidentally said gracias instead of thank you one time. We can't just send them to jail, That's stupid. We have way bigger problems anyway.

  • Stop being such a snowflake

    You obviously never spoke in another language and you must live is a bubble. You probably never even left your own state and you are so easily triggered by hearing foreign words.

    I bet even seeing math and Greek symbols scare you. What is a delta!
    I want my mommy the bad man is speaking in another language.

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