• Yes, They are not a luxury, They are a need for almost half the population.

    Pads and tampons should be free or at least not taxed. These materials are a need for women because of their menstrual cycles. It is not like women have a choice to have a period. As a woman, I think people need to realize periods aren't a choice, More so, A bodily function

  • Only used one's should be free

    Normally when i want to find some used tampons I have to either sift through the trash in the women's bathroom or buy them online from women with daddy issues. If we made bloody tampons and pads free I could have all the syphilis and std's I want for free. Please think of me for one second. I deserve human rights just the same as everyone else, So why can't I get free used tampons and pads. Alternatively we could just let me go into the women's restroom. I promise I'll be quiet when I go in. You won't even notice my vape smoke because it's cherry flavored so you'll probably assume that it's air freshener. Not to mention I won't shit on the floor anymore like I normally do when I have to sneak in. Don't question my motives, I'm too intelligent. In high school I ranked an IQ of 74 I'm pretty sure it only goes up to 100 so that means I got a C on my IQ test. And you know what they say, C's get degrees. Ontop of that if you have C cup titties please call me and we can go on a date where we harrass mixed raced couples at arbys.

  • Definitely, Definitely, Yeah.

    Imagine being female, Having no control over this thing that happens once a month, And you don’t have a quarter or whatever much, And don’t have any products. Imagine it’s you’re first time. You’re going to panic and shit, We need them for free. In sixth grade I got mine, And I didn’t have money or anything. Super terrible experience

  • Nothing in Life is Free. . .

    They don't have to be a luxury to be a cost item. Nothing is free. My food is not a luxury. My children's clothes are not a luxury, Nor is my shelter. Yet none of these items are free. Your argument lacks logical flow or supporting evidence. Here's why they shouldn't be free.

    Image you own a factory. You make tampons. You buy cotton, You buy other materials, Packaging, Etc. You pay employees. You pay the millions of dollars of overhead to run that factory. You go to sell your product. Except, You don't receive any money. Your investors back out. You're left holding millions of dollars of debt, No valuable inventory (because it's literally worthless), And creditors are suing you and taking every possession. That's the first day.

    What about taxes paying for it? Why not have taxes pay for everyone's food, While we're at it? Why should my taxes (I'm a male) pay for a product I will literally never use or benefit from? Just because something is a bodily function doesn't mean it doesn't cost. Toilet paper costs money. Running water costs money. That's our society.

    I will concede that *maybe* we could remove sales tax on feminine hygiene products. I would expand that to remove sales tax on over the counter and prescription medical necessities, Such as bandages, Acetaminophen, Etc. I would retain sales tax on supplements, Vitamins, And optional health items, Though.

    Frankly, There are more pressing financial inconveniences in the health spectrum than feminine hygiene products. I would argue that we need to make prescription drugs more affordable before we worried about free Kotex.

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