• Let the children decide their bright future!!

    I say "yes" for giving children a chance to try tanning beds. I am 12 years old and I tan at the pool with my stepmother, but I'm getting a little tired from the sun heating me up. I mean I know if you go to tanning beds than you will get skin cancer, but sure I'll take the risk. Hope a lot of you look at this!

  • Don't Let the Government Become the Parent

    Whenever a law is made by the government, it takes away from the right to make a choice. Instead of parents deciding what is best for their child’s health and safety, the government has ruled their decision on the matter to be untrustworthy. The government believes that parents cannot control the situation on their own. There is no trust. With each law that is set into place restricting those under the age of 18, the government is able to grasp just a bit more firmly on the role of the parent. Americans deserve to be trusted to make decisions regarding their children’s lives as well as their own. It’s a basic fundamental right to be able to raise our children the way we choose. Government cannot become the parents of America’s children.

  • It is up to the parents

    It has been proved that tanning beds can cause harm to the human body. But with that being said,it all depends on the parents decision. It they allow their children to take that risk at getting cancer then that is their choice and there is nothing that you can do about it. Also how much the child is to use the tanning bed. But I think that children should be able to tan if they want to and the parents allow that

  • Children should be allowed, but regulated

    It has been proven that the radiation absorbed in a tanning bed is healthier and not as harmful as that absorbed directly from the sun. Tanning beds eliminate the harmful types of UV radiation. But, as it has been said, "Too much of anything is bad." Children should be allowed, with their parent's consent, but their time spent in the salon should be limited to a healthy amount of time. Tanning salons are much healthier than the sun, but too much time in one can still cause skin cancer....

  • Anyone under 18 shouldn't be allowed to.

    If there is one thing children face, its pressure to look like a model. Just like I wouldn't allow them to have plastic surgery or wear makeup, I wouldn't let them get a tanclike this. They need to be taught that it is useless to try to look the way people want you to because it won't lead them anywhere in life. They need to be taught how to love themselves so that when they do something like this, they are doing to free from the expectations of others and at an age when they fully understand it.
    Insecurity is just a method to get customers for any beauty company, and they just sit there and cont the profits. Fake tans aren't even that pretty, they seem pretty gross to me. Natural looks are what looks good on someone.
    As a final point, most of these beauty products might not be safe to wear, and some are tested on animals. I'm sure that the girls who get these don't even know the risks of putting that stuff on your skin. I don't fully know the risks but they should at least do the research before they do something that might look stupid later on.

  • They should not be allowed

    They should not be allowed because, all experts form cbs to new stations say that tanning gives you skin cancer which the people that work at tanning salons dont understand. They think tanning salons are good because you get pretty skin. But, what about your life? Your life is on your hands.

  • No, Children Shouldn't Need Tans

    Children today feel far too much pressure to look attractive, sexy, and older than they actually are. We should encourage them to just be children and not worry about all this superficial stuff. Tanning salons, like tattoo shops and plastic surgeons, should not allow young children to utilize their services.

  • Let The Parents Decide

    There should be some form of regulation on whether or not children should get artificial tanning. Still, they should be allowed if the parent permits it. People who offer tanning beds should have a policy of parental consent, and it should be in the form of signed paperwork that should be kept on file.

    Posted by: rpr
  • No, there should be age limits.

    Tanning is not a healthy activity. It can lead to risks for skin cancer and damage the sensitive skin of children. People should be allowed to go to tanning salons, but there should be an age limit. Something like 16 would probably work well. Children under 16 shouldn't even be worried about things like looking tan at that age.

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