Should tattoos and body modifications be a factor in applying and being accepted into a job?

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  • I believe it should be a factor but not one that dominates over a person's qualifications

    If it's an excessive amount of piercings and tattoos it should be a factor as they can be intimidating and overwhelming to witness and to accept but if that person's hard skill and as well soft skills are significantly above the calibre of the average person then I see it as okay

  • Sure, but not much

    I understand like basic ear piercings (like for earrings) and cross tattoos for Christians, that's fine. However, if they have an excessive amount, like to the point where it gets distracting, yes, it should be a factor. Some people with piercings stretch the part ridiculously, so much that you can usually see them dangle, which if you ask me, looks disgusting.

  • Yeah, it should be a consideration.

    I have no problem with body modification, but if I was an employer I would have to consider tattoos and visible piercings. If I was running a tattoo parlor I would prefer a talented artist with tats rather than a talented artist with none. Likewise, if I'm running a professional office, I don't want to adversely impact the appearance of professionalism by having someone with a face tattoo.

  • Yes. Despite not measuring their intelligence or ability, they do effect the work environment.

    It has been psychologically proven that tattoos and piercing are intimidating to most people. While this only applies to visible ones. If working customer service or human relations, body markings can scare customers and fellow employees. Its just apart of being well groomed, like keeping hair in check of not wearing excessive makeup.

  • It does not determine your abilities

    Just because someone may have visible tattoos or piercings does not mean that they are less qualified than if they didn't. If someone with less skill was picked over someone with more skill just because they have added art to their bodies or some jewellery, That is definitely not fair.

  • Its absolute bull.

    Tattoos and piercings may be seen as intimidating to others but it is a form of body art, slowly homophobia is fading away and so should prejudice against those with piercings. Its understandable if people with maybe facial tattoos arent picked to represent a fancy company, but with jobs based on skill, it shouldnt matter.

  • A person's intelligence and/or talent is not measured by the work that has been done on or to their body.

    When a person goes in to get a tattoo or body modification such as a piercing or a brand they do not think how it will affect their ability to get a job. Tattooing is considered an art, as is piercing others, in many cultures other than ours. In some cultures tattoos are viewed as a rite of passage, marks of status, symbols of religious and spiritual devotion and even decorations for bravery. Content of the tattoos are also up for speculation. While some tattoos may be offensive to some, or maybe even vulgar there are ways to get rid of them. The person can have the tattoo removed, covered up, or eve hidden under long sleeves, long pants, or collard shirts. In short, tattoos should not be a factor in getting or applying for a job.

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