Should tattoos be legal for teenagers as long as they have parental consent?

Asked by: ImAMagickMonster
  • 16 year olds should be allowed a tattoo

    I feel that people should be able to have a tattoo under 18 but must be 16 or above, however the parents should be present to sign an agreement, and be present during the tattooing process itself. The tattoo should also not be allowed to proceed if the parents do not approve of the sketch.

  • Don't see why 2 years makes a difference

    I'm 16, I have 3 tattoos already, all meaningful to me. My parents allowed me to have the tattoos and trust me enough not to get anything stupid. I'm old enough to say "my body, my rules" when it comes to sex but not when it comes to tattoos? Sorry but I think having an unwanted child or an STD is a lot worse than a tattoo. Its not ruining my life. 16 year old make just as good decisions as others, even a 30 year old could get a tattoo they might regret, so what's the issue?

  • Tattoos should be legal at 16 anywhere.

    When you're 16 you are old enough, and have a somewhat expanded experience of life and decision making. You should definitely be able to get a tattoo if that's what you want. And if you regret it later than so what? You won't make that mistake again. So yes tattoos should be legal in the UK (and anywhere else) with or without parental permission. Its you're life, and if you don't make decisions on you're own you'll never learn.

  • 16/17 year olds are probably just as mature as 18 year olds !

    Okay , I'm 16 , nearly 17 and I've wanted a tattoo for 2 years but I don't know where I can get one as I've heard you have to be 18 , even though I have my parents consent . If I could get a tattoo now , I would ! I don't understand why people my age are allowed to make their own decisions about sex and pregnancy and moving out yet they are not allowed to decide if they want a tattoo . I know it's a life-time commitment but I believe that I'm mature enough to evaluate the risks/consequences of having a tattoo .
    As for people saying young people with tattoos means they cause trouble , well I'm always helping people and still want a tattoo , does that make me a bad person ? A tattoo is a form of body art and if done properly it can look beautiful ! I personally think that being covered in tattoos is too much and doesn't look good , but that is a personal opinion . I just want a small tattoo on my wrist !

  • Express yourself Sixteen

    Express yourself! Sixteen I believe if a 16 year old can make decisions about having sex, getting pregnant, moving out and buying a scratch card then they can make decisions about tattoos. Sure some individuals are stupid enough to get pointless tattoos because their mate thought it would be funny however not everyone will and some people can be stupid at 18 or 40.. As long as they dont get a name tattoo'd on them unless it is family related or a date of a relationship then I dont see the issue? As long as they do their research, get to know the procedure and go to a reputable studio then they'll be fine. I am 17 and I got a tattoo at 16.. It has meaning and I love it! I will definitely be getting more.. Tattoos are a way of expressing yourself and I feel if people are mature enough to make decisions about sex and pregnancy/moving out and getting piercings etc then tattoos are just an exception. Sure if they want it that badly then they should be able to wait but I have thought about my tattoo since I was 11 years old and when I was 16 it was still something that help a lot of meaning and so I got it. As long as its meaningful, done somewhere well-known and something they want then let them? Why not? I love tattoos, its a way of showing who you are as a person and people with piercings, tattoos, colourful hair should be allowed to express themselves even in the workplace or in schools because thats who they are and just because someone has tattoos it does not make them a bad person or a drug addict. Tattoos have absolutely not link to drugs, drinking or smoking. And teenagers with tattoos are NOT more likely to get into trouble.. I have a tattoo and I work in a care home and Ive never done anything to get myself into trouble any more than any normal teenager!! Tattoo is body art and they are beautiful, some people hate them others love them, it depends on you as a person and nobody should be prejudice of tattooed individuals. Also if an individual no longer likes their tattoo their are removal options available as well as cover-up tattoos! However I DO NOT believe anybody under the age of 16 should be tattooed, but 16/17 year olds are more than capable of making their own decisions about what they want on their body.

  • Getting a Tattoo is a Bad Decisions

    Adults should be allowed to make bad decisions. But, minors should have to run it by their parents before they get a tattoo. And, yes, tattoos are awful. That's not just an opinion. That's a reality as far as I am concerned here. Just saying we should acknowledge that here!

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