• It is almost like, drawings on your body instead of a piece of paper. Unintelligent, lowlife scar on your body!

    I dated a woman who has full of tattoos on her right arm.
    Who is a vegetarian and she came to a first date, sleeveless blouse and jacket on her (in winter time)! Her hair was full of coconut oil, (greasy)
    It turned me off virtually. I never seen her again.

  • Yes they should be negatively.

    People should never get tattoos, they are ugly, unnatural and permanent, they ruin people's skin and make people unattractive no matter how good they looked before they got them. Even if a lot of the person is not tattooed the tattoos are still there and you can't see the person without seeing the tattoos. Natural unmarked skin is a beautiful thing and everyone should keep it that way. Why would anyone want ink stains in their skin, why would anyone want pictures or words or anything else in their skin, there is something mentally wrong with them. It's wrong for people to have tattoos, they look horrible, they are one of the worst things you can see. Its sad when someone you like ruins their skin with a tattoo or tattoos, but it's a good reason not to like that person anymore. Tattooing needs to be made illegal, people should not be allowed to be tattooed. The purpose of tattoos is to destroy the natural appearance of a person and make them ugly. How could anyone like them? How could anyone not be offended by them? How could anyone not be against them?.Tattoos are something everyone should hate. They should not exist, the world would be a much better place if tattoos did not exist.

  • Tattoos do not define you as a person.

    I've tried to explain this, but I can never get past the ignorant rebuttals of certain people. Say I were to get a job at a business firm. I landed the job because I showed initiative, hard work and excellent determination. Then, I reveal to my boss that I am covered in tattoos... Sleeves, back piece, but nothing is visible under my suit. From that point on, I would be judged by my boss (unless he is pro-tattoo, but for the sake of argument, let's say he is not).

    Why should I be judged? Until I revealed the fact that I was tattooed, I was well respected. What changed? They don't change my personality, just my appearance.

    Besides, tattoos are beautiful works of art, and I stand by them 100%.

    Posted by: Vz
  • No, I don't think that tattoos should be viewed negatively

    I don't think that tattoos should be viewed negatively. I definitely don't think that tattoos present people who deem themselves as classy. Tattoos are a freedom of expression, but I don't think they should be viewed negatively. Some people will view them negatively, but I don't think in general that they should be.

  • Tattoos Are a Form of Personal Expression

    Tattoos should not be viewed negatively. They are a part of a person's sense of culture, and to judge them is to judge the person. Plus, there are an institutional part of some ethnic cultures. Should a Samoan be viewed negatively because he or she has undergone something that is part of their culture? Of course not.

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