• Yes, employers should be able to choose.

    Yes, tattoos should effect a person's job, because an employer should have a right to choose whether they want their employees to have tattoos. Tattoos make a person not appear very professional. They can offend customers. They do not look clean. Employers should decide whether they want employees to have tattoos, and make policies about tattoos in the workplace.

  • As long as your tattoo isn't offensive

    If the tattoo isn't offensive, I don't see why it should effect your job.

    Just cover them up and you'll be fine.

    Professional appearance is as much as expression as tattoos are.

    That's why I believe in a balance.

    A professional appearance one moment, then my own appearance the next.

  • It's whats inside.

    Tattoos and piercings only change a persons outward appearance. They can have something on there skin without it affecting there work ethic. Employers have the right to not hire someone because of their tattoos, but it should not be the only thing keeping them from the job. A lot more people are getting tattoos that are visible. Many cover them up for work but with an ever changing opinion, I believe that society will one day accept them in the work place. I would think that the workplace would appreciate the individuality expressed by body art.

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