• Yes and it should be punishable by fine

    I would say that in sports, your opponent is not your enemy. He is your playmate. Now don't get me wrong. That does not mean that you football has no meaning and should not be taken seriously. You should try to beat you opponent, not hate him. After the game you should both shake hands. Just use a win against an opponent to benefit yourself, not hurt your opponent.

  • Taunting is part of the game.

    Without taunting, we would have no one to hate because they taunted our favorite players, or to like because they taunted someone we hate. Even with taunting banned, it would still happen and we would have more game stoppage for taunting. No one wants that. The fans aren't mad about it. We encourage it by saying to kick their butts. In other words, taunting is what make the NFL the NFL.

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