• They all have charitable purposes.

    Yes, tax breaks should be granted to all religions, because they all have a charitable purpose. If they do not want to profit and they have a purpose that is to do some good in the world, they should be able to have a tax break. The government should not be deciding which religions count.

  • No, they should not.

    Religions should not receive any tax breaks. They are big business and should have to pay taxes to the government. This will allow the government to have enough money to properly investigate all the crimes that these churches commit such as molestation and theft. No church should get a tax break.

  • No Tax Exemptions

    I think tax exemptions for religious affiliations are over used and they should be abolished. I believe many churches operate like a business and they should pay taxes like a business. Religion is not about money but come congregations and church leaders make it about money. I think these entities should pay taxes, we shouldn't allow the exemption anymore.

  • Tax breaks violate separation of church and state

    Tax breaks should not be granted to all religions, or any religion, for that matter. The Constitution of the United States clearly states that the government shall not endorse any religion. When churches or other religious organizations are given tax breaks, the tax break confers something of an official status, or approval on the religious organization. Further, religious groups should reject tax breaks, since they make the religious organization financially dependent on the government. Should the church fall out of favor at some point, the government could take away their tax break, dealing the religious group a serious financial blow.

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