Should tax breaks for social welfare organizations be eliminated from the U.S. tax code?

  • Yes, tax breaks for social welfare organizations should be elimated from the U.S. tax code

    Tax breaks for social welfare organizations should be eliminated. First, it is my opinion that equal tax treatment between all entities should be adopted because the government is not capable of monitoring all organizations. As the tax code becomes more complex, it is difficult to monitor fraud in the system and other inefficiencies, whereas an equal tax code would be easier to enforce and collect upon.

  • Many Tax Breaks Should be Eliminated

    Many tax breaks should be eliminated so as to increase revenue of the United States. That being said, more people need to be able to keep more of their income. Instead of an income tax, there should be a national sales tax because we live in a consumer-based economy that relies on spending money to drive growth.

  • For Private Non-For-Profits

    I do believe the tax breaks for some social welfare organizations should be eliminated from the US tax code. I believe there are some good organizations out there, but I think the majority are out there wasting their funding and their donations. Furthermore, there are people at the top of these organizations who are paying themselves above and beyond what is necessary. I believe these organizations should be taxed, whenever they clear a profit, because quite literally they shouldn't be.

  • No, not at all.

    If anything, social welfare should be the last ones who are cut out from tax breaks. What we need to do is start taxing the church so that we can really start making up for lost revenue. A tax on the church plus scaling back on military would be huge.

  • Doing Good and Depending on Donations

    Social welfare organizations frequently use money efficiently in order to help people who need various kinds of assistance. These organizations are often staffed by people who care about their fellow human beings and who put in a lot of hours for little money in order to make a difference. Social welfare organizations depend on charitable donations to keep their doors open--government and foundation grants will not pay for the electricity bill or other ongoing costs. Donors need the incentive of lower taxes in order to be willing to give. Therefore, social welfare organizations should not be eliminated from the US tax code.

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