• More healthy people means less money needed on healthcare

    If organic was cheaper then more people would buy it so less people would be ill. This would save the UK national health service money. Not eating organic means your being slowly poisoned by all the toxic stuff they use to yield more food from crops and make animals fatter for more profit. They care more about money than your long term health!

  • America is so unhealthy! We need more organic foods on the shelves

    Top causes of death in America are due to heart failure, obesity, cancer, medical errors, etc. We are so unhealthy. If we made it easier and more convenient for Americans to buy good wholesome foods and products maybe we could start lowering the death rate. Organic foods are good for the consumers and the producers since most organic goods are supplied by local farmers.

  • Absolutely! Organic Foods Help the Planet and Your Health!

    Yes, People who buy organic foods have less health problems down the line and are costing the general public less money since they are saving on hospital bills. Organic Foods is like a medicine, they keep your energy level high and your body healthy. People who buy non-organic foods should pay a "tax" since their actions are hurting the Earth.

  • Yes, tax deductions should be given to organic food purchasers

    The cost of organic food is often much higher than traditionally grown food. Purchasers of organic food are creating a healthier lifestyle for themselves, while also supporting organic food growers. The more financial incentives, such as a tax deduction, that purchasers receive the more likely they will continue to purchase organic foods, thereby, helping organic food growers.

  • No, tax deductions should not be given for buying organic foods

    Tax deductions should not be given for buying organic foods. The type of food a person buys and the place they buy it from are a matter of personal choice. Even if you agree that organic food is healthier, you don't deserve an award for buying healthier food. If that was the sentiment, then we would have to give tax deductions for those who bought fruit instead of candy and lettuce instead of Chips Ahoy cookies. It's your choice whether to buy organic or non-organic. Tax deductions should play no part in it.

  • No, I don't believe tax deductions should be given to those who purchase organic foods.

    I think purchasing organic foods is a personal choice and I don't believe that the Government should be subsiding people with tax breaks for doing so, I believe the Government should instead be educating the public of the health benefits of purchasing organic foods over processed foods and encouraging everyone to try them.

  • Those who buy organic foods should not get a tax deduction.

    No, tax deductions should not be given those who purchase organic foods. The people who buy organic are mostly benefiting themselves with regards to what they intake. Society as a whole, does benefit slightly, in that organic farms are not running pesticides into the environment, but this is not enough to warrant a tax break for the purchaser.

  • No, not for this.

    I think tax deductions should be given to people who make the effort to grow and produce organic products. They do not get government subsidies like the gigantic corn macrofarms, so this is the least they can get to continue their farms and provide quaity foods to the general population.

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