• Yes: Tax Policies Should Consider Income Inequality

    The wealth gap in the United States is severe, even as the economy continues to flounder. Reagan's notion of trickle down economics has been shown to be untenable, as today corporate CEO's bring home record pay checks and the nation's poor struggle to make end's meet. Progressive taxation can help alleviate such problems by compensating for the extraordianry advantages held by the wealthy.

  • Tax policies should take income inequality into consideration

    It is my opinion that the current tax policies should be required to take income inequality into consideration. I feel that the tax brackets need to be restructured to insure that only those that can actually afford to pay high taxes are the ones that pay them. This system would be more beneficial to the victims of income inequality.

  • Yes, they should.

    People have been saying this for a while now. The simplest way to do this would be to give the very bottom large tax credits and bigger returns, while the very top gets taxed much more heavily. These taxes can then go to social programs which benefit the bottom. This would level things out.

  • No, tax policies shouldn't be dicated by income inequality.

    I do not think that tax policies should take income inequality into consideration. I think that there should not be policy put into place that gives some people special treatment when it comes to paying for taxes just because they do not make as much as some other people in society.

  • The rich create most jobs, not the poor.

    Corporations and large businesses create jobs that the poor absolutely need. What happens when you stifle companies with high taxes? Do you honestly think CEOs and execs go "Oh, okay, I guess that tax is fair since I get paid so much"? No, they pass on the costs to consumers through higher prices or fire workers or a mix of both. This hurts both the economy and the poor. Progressive taxes is not the answer, it only exacerbates terrible economic policy.

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