• Well of course

    The United States is the fattest country in the world. This would honestly fix a lot of problems with health-related issues. Junk food is unneeded and I feel that placing this tax would be a great idea. A lot of people might feel less inclined to buy the food if they notice how much it costs.

  • Yes they should

    It's incredible to observe the amount of overweight people who over indulge in junk food ,especially sad are the amount of overweight kids. The common excuse is a busy lifestyle prevents parents from preparing proper food... Nonsense I say I think parents of grossly overweight kids should be charged with child abuse , a lot of people hire someone to walk a dog and make sure it's looked after ,yet children are allowed to stuff themselves with junk .It costs a fortune to look after people now presenting at hospitals with obesity issues .Label and tax all junk food.

  • Hmmm Junk Food.

    I think taxes should be placed on junk food because people need to stay healthy. The more healthy you are the longer you stay alive. Also if you eat healthy you can stay skinny and not get fat. But it is you choice about what you eat and about if you want to be skinny or not.

  • Lets take a real look at this

    I'm sorry, but I am struggling to see why on earth this could be considered a bad idea. If by placing the tax on the unhealthy and damaging thing that we seem so intent on constantly having, then we pave the way for a healthier and less risky future, and aid the government in reaching the goal of a healthier country by 2020, then who on earth could be against this? The world is home to above 856,000 fast food joints, so would losing a few and replacing them with healthy food and real food really be a problem? I don't think so.

  • Yes yes yessy yes

    People are getting more and more obese every year. If there was a tax on junk food and sugary drinks then an original $1.50 can could cost more than a bottle of water, people would have the choice to buy a tiny can or a huge bottle of than can be easily refilled again and again. We believe that putting a tax on junk food and sugary drinks would decrease the health risk of obesity, tooth loss and even death.

  • Yes put it on

    Because obesity can lead to life threatening illnesses like heart disease, cancer etc.. And putting a tax on junk food would decrease the number of people buying junk food and would decrease the rates of obesity and death each year. So I am for putting a tax on unhealthy foods.

  • No, no and no.

    The government loves taxing things and it's always under the excuse of it being utilized to try and limit unhealthy habits, whatever they may be. I think it's just a bit suspect that all the solutions they propose (which never seem to work, might I add) always seem to involve the government making money off of it.

    The government doesn't care about your health. They never cared about sending a bunch of people to die in any of the pointless wars that have killed countless people, limiting the suffering of countless animals, and they certainly didn't seem to care enough about people to not chuck them in a jail cell over something petty like them doing a drug which, interestingly enough, is tame compared to what some of these politicians are doing.

    So, no. I'm not going to believe that these scammers suddenly actually care about the health of their people. And honestly, I'm not quite convinced it would even work either. Information and development is what helps people. If people grow up eating junk food in moderation and they're given information, then I'm sure such people avoid such problems and cravings all together.

    Secondly, I would like to argue that people should do whatever they want with their bodies. As long our gluttony harms no other, I seem no reason for us to treat ourselves as badly as we choose too. I'm absolutely sick of these morally bankrupt thieves trying to find more ways to take our money from us.

    Derp Derp. Tax cigarettes.
    Derp Derp. Tax Alcohol.
    Derp Derp. Tax violent video games
    Derp Derp. Tax unhealthy food.

    Hey, I've got a good idea. Why don't we tax people when they say something stupid? Nah, who am I kidding? The government wouldn't like that.

  • No need for our nation to get even more fascist.

    Taxing junk food would accomplish just about as much as taxing cigarettes- ZIP.

    Trying to tax choices you don't like is antithetical to personal freedom. It also unfairly punishes the poor, who are far more likely to buy processed foods because they are CHEAPER than healthier food and more available in urban areas. As long as healthier foods and fresh produce remain very expensive (due to government subsidies of corn, soybean, and wheat farmers that produce the bulk of ingredients for processed food), putting an extra tax on processed food will just make sure that poorer people are paying more for their food.

    This also rather ignorantly assumes that obesity is due solely or even largely due to junk food. There are millions of thin Americans that eat plenty of junk food and don't exercise, and heavy Americans that eat well and do exercise. Thinking that putting an extra tax on junk food will magically deter people from buying junk food is just ridiculous- it never worked with cigarettes, why would it work with potato chips?

    It should also be none of the government's business what people eat or drink.

  • Really? Is this the direction we are heading?

    America, stop taxing things and focus on other problems like gun control, ect. Taxing junk food is the least of our problems. Taxing junk food is a waste of time for other problems we need to fix now. Sure, it may stop obesity rates but we shoupld be focusing on students safety instead of just a tax.

  • This is bullshit

    The tax would be a waste of time and money as it would get removed after a few weeks just like the sugary drinks ban

    why shluld we punish lower income families instead of punishing the multi billion dollar companies that actually make the products that we as a nation consume

  • Under no circumstances should we do this!

    People should have a choice in what they eat and don't eat. Some people depend on junk food for a meal every once in a while. Also, many fast-food restaurants would go out of business if this happened, and many corporations would close down. We should definitely not put higher taxes on junk food!

  • Let's just see if there is ANY knowledge to back up the claim

    What should be in food?
    What is supposed to be in food?
    What is the purpose of food?
    What are the common misconceptions about food?
    Do different races of people need different food?
    Do different ages of people need different food?
    Do the sexes need different food?
    Is this easy knowledge to acquire?

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