• Cigarettes Kill Millions

    Cigarettes, along with other tobacco products, kill millions of people. Right now, sixteen million Americans are living with a disease caused by smoking. These include heart disease, various cancers, and strokes, to name a few. These addictive tobacco products should be taxed to discourage people from buying these dangerous health hazards.

  • To help you make the right decision

    Cigarettes aren't and will probably never be good for you. It is really hard for those who are addicted to stop, and this could be another reminder for them. If they see you have to pay a little extra, not only will they might say, "Oh, this is too expensive," but it will also remind them maybe they should skip a smoke.

  • TBH, you could look at it from both sides, but I'm going for 'YES'

    Yes, taxes should be placed on cigarettes. Of course! Do cigarettes benefit you, no! They do NOT benefit you at all!! I have once even found a cigarette butt at my school. AT A PRIMARY SCHOOL! I understand that it is addictive and that people should have the freedom to decide on that, and that we have no right to stop them from smoking, but doing it around children! Ridiculous. I have even once seen a family in a car, and there was a baby and a young child in the car, including their parents. What shocked me the most was that the dad, who was driving, was smoking. "Well, of course, they would have the window open!" That's what you're thinking, right? Well, you are right, actually. Now don't be so proud, because the window was only a slit open, which is bad for everyone. The smoker, his wife, and his children.

  • Not In America!

    In the UK, cigarettes are taxed heavily, I support this because we have a universal healthcare system, the NHS, which means that taxpayers fund it and so products that cause people to be treated on the NHS should be taxed. However, in America you don't have a socialised healthcare system and so I don't believe cigarettes should be taxed in America because taxpayers don't pay for an indivduals treatment, the individual does.

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