• We need them

    The reason we need taxes is so that we can pay for our troops cops fire department and people say we should put cops in schools but we would need to hire more cops and with that taxes need to be raised so we could pay them and no one wants to pay for them and who is going to work for free not one person so if your stupid enough to think we don't need taxes or that they should be lowered then your IQ is lower than a jellyfish

  • Supports Newly Constructed Bridges

    Every year the American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE) rates Us bridges a D+, averaging the US a 14 globally for safe bridges. If taxes were raised then the Government would lead that towards the foundation on new bridges. Bridges have a life span of 46 years, almost 100 years ago is when most the ones you drive on over a highway were built. The engineers back then had 10 times less cars on a bridge at once which shows the support they thought it would need.

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  • No. Please,not more

    I don't think taxes should be raised because now,it is the period of recession in many fields and now what do you even expect of people i don't think money grows on trees and if there is increase in taxes, i am more than 250 percent sure the economy of the nation would go for a toss

  • Taxes are immoral

    Taxation is theft, because it is the product of a group of people we call the government having the ability to use force over society. Everything the government provides, the market can provide as well through voluntary cooperation, and it can provide better, because society as a whole knows what society as a whole better than government.

  • Takes away from people

    No taxes shouldn't be raised because people who have to pay a lot more then they make would only be lefted with so much if the taxes stead go up and not stay at a decent rate. Raising taxes would make those who are trying to get through life everyday.

  • People are already over-taxed, we should be reducing tax

    1) Raising taxes when the economy is doing poorly is a terrible idea: There are few things both the Left and the Right seem to agree on these days, but both sides do acknowledge that the economy is doing poorly. In recent months, Democrats have discussed a second stimulus and the Federal Reserve has talked about printing more money because it believes we need to spur economic growth.

    Well, the most reliable way to goose the economy is by cutting taxes and the most surefire way to slow economic growth is to raise taxes. Since the economy is already growing so slowly, why in the world would we want to implement a 3.8 trillion dollar tax hike by letting the Bush tax cuts expire? That would be like planting a steel-toe boot to the skull of the economy when it’s already on the ground, bleeding.

    2) Raising taxes slows long-term economic growth: People respond to economic incentives. So, the larger government gets and the more it raises taxes, the more the economy slows down. The slower the economy moves, the higher the unemployment rate, the less competitive the business environment becomes, and the more people suffer across the board. This factor largely explains why Western European nations are so economically stagnant compared to the United States.
    That’s the key reason why we should ALWAYS be extremely reluctant to raise taxes on the American people, whether they’re rich, poor, or in the middle-class.

    3) Our tax system is far too progressive already: Neil Boortz once said that,

    “A democracy is three wolves and one sheep voting on what’s for dinner.”

    Well, that’s essentially what has happened with our tax system today. The 47% of Americans who receive the most benefit from the public treasury pay no income taxes, while the Americans who receive the least benefit, pay their own share of the income taxes PLUS the taxes for the other half of the country.

    4) Adding in new revenue would lock in a higher rate of spending: Since Barack Obama has been elected, the country has been treated to an orgy of spending that would make Caligula blush. Federal spending has gone up 84% under Obama. Obamacare adds another massive, budget-busting entitlement program to go along with Medicare and Medicaid. Obama’s ten year budget would add more to the debt than “all previous Presidents in American history combined.” This is not the baseline we should try to raise revenues high enough to meet. Yet at best, if the government increases the amount of revenue it has coming in, it would decrease the pressure on the government to reduce the deficit by cutting spending. At worst, we’d get #5….

    5) Bringing in more tax revenue probably wouldn’t do anything to reduce the deficit right now: At first glance, this seems counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? But, we don’t have a revenue problem in this country; we have a spending problem.

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