Should taxes on alcohol and tobacco be increased to help pay for rising medical costs?

  • Higher Taxation Would Deter People from Consuming Either in Excess

    If alcohol and tobacco were taxed more, not only would that benefit the healthcare system (assuming that would be where the money would go), it would also raise the prices of these goods, deterring people from using them or at least lowering usage. I imagine a significantly higher tax on alcohol would decrease DUI/DWIs and the number of alcoholics in the US, and a higher tax on tobacco would probably decrease the number of lung cancer cases and many of the other negative effects of tobacco that burden the healthcare system (and kill people). This extra tax would in all probability decrease healthcare costs for everybody, so that not everybody would have to pay for the vice of a few, instead having the people who use tobacco and alcohol pay directly for the strain they put on the healthcare system.

  • Tax all luxury items

    Alcohol and tobacco should have tax increases to help counteract the rising cost of health care. As both substances significantly add pressure to an already strained system, the lucrative sales of both alcohol and tobacco should be increased at least 5%. The number of DWI and DUI cases have added to these costs as well.

  • Raising the tax only takes away our freedom of choice.

    If you educate the population on how to eat and drink in moderation you would have better results than telling everyone they can not have something. Do we not remember prohibition days? When you take away something you only make things worse. Look at the drug crime, how long will it take un-till people are making their own and selling it out the back of cars. Taxes will not solve the problem, educate the population will bring better results.

  • Already high tax

    There's an already high tax on alcohol and tobacco products, and increasing it would only serve to hurt those consuming those products. Health care should not be subsidized in the event of a smoker or heavy drinker getting health problems due to their addiction, and lower taxes would allow them an easier time paying for their own insurance.

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