• Yes, Taylor Swift can date who she wants.

    Yes, Taylor Swift should be dating tom Hiddleston. If she wants to date, she shouldn't be judged on who it is that she chooses to date. People have a tendency to get outspoken on an opinion, but nobody wants to be told who they can and can't date, so neither should celebrities such as Taylor Swift.

  • Yes, who cares?

    He seems like a nice guy and she seems ... Whatever - they are both tall, skinny and blonde and corny so maybe they will hit it off. Maybe he is the ONE!! Why the world is so obsessed with what kind of nonsense is going on with the life of celebrities, is a puzzle to me. The world has no other problems and issues to worry about except this twaddle, only in the stupid world, this will make the headlines.

  • Taylor Swift should not be dating period

    It seems the new victim of Taylor Swift's amazing music career will be Tom Hiddleston. It can be expected that her next album will be inspired by him after they break up and she will need more musical content. Is that really the reputation Tom wants to sustain at this point, that is up to him.

  • I am so over her

    Taylor Swift is probably one of the most self absorbed people I have ever seen on television. She honestly can't maintain a relationship. I wonder if she will now write a hate song about her last conquest. This Tom Hiddleston needs to run for his life and find someone with more humility. There's nothing wrong with her being successful but there is a fakeness that is probably pushing everyone away.

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