• TBHQ is a preservative that causes cancer

    TBHQ is a dangerous chemical used as a preservative in many food stuffs including McDonalds Chicken Nuggets and french fries, Cheez-its, Taco Bell beans, and Cheez-Its among many others.

    It has been shown to cause tumors in lab animals particularly stomach tumors.

    In Europe it has been banned as a food additive. The FDA has limited it to 0.02%.

    I don't want to eat this stuff. I've cut back on McDonald's already and now I'm not eating there again, at least not until they get rid of this.

  • I believe TBHQ should be banned.

    In addition to the potential cancer risk, new studies are showing that TBHQ may cause genetic mutation. The risks associated with this form of genetic mutation include the loss of reproductive ability. There are already additives in our cosmetics and in children's toys that may cause this type of mutation in young boys, therefore we need to begin cutting these chemicals out if we do not want to risk the entire population of men becoming sterile in 3 generations.

  • We can ban this when we ban every other harmful thing in the world

    Listen, what somebody wants to eat or put into their body is entirely up to them. McDonalds and other places that have TBHQ in them should be obligated and forced to disclose that information for the public though. Cigarettes and alcohol is harmful and does a lot of bad things for the human body however they're legal and even though they're bad, the're legal. There's high fructose corn syrup that, in my eyes, one of the worst things that you can consume. Scientist say that it's as addictive as cocaine. Yet it's in nearly everything from soda, salad dressings, sauces, fruits, veggies, bread and even cereal. It's in everything. I'm not sure how comfortable I am saying 'You can'get eat this because you may get sick.' I support bodily integrity and part of that means it's not up to me to pick what you can put in your body.

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