Should tea industries provide workers with protection when spraying chemicals?

  • Yes obvio they should

    Theyre humans theyre making u tea like if it wasnt for them u wouldnt have tea and tea is delicious
    so appreciate them
    if theyre not given protection then less and less ppl r gonna get teas and even if u don't want tea i want my tea ok?
    Im sorry but i love tea so just give them protection thanks

  • Of course yes

    All tea should be organic, But if producers are going to insist upon spraying pesticides or herbicides, It is common sense that the workers should have every possible precaution provided to ensure that the chemicals that they are mandated to work with do not cause any health issues for them or their families.

  • Yes they should

    Although the amount the workers earn would decrease, Their health and lives are more important.
    It is better to have protection but not earn enough than to risk your life and health spraying chemicals un-protected. If the companies need the workers to spray chemicals on the plants, Its the right thing to do to provide them with protection from the chemicals.

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