Should teacher-less computer lessons be given in the classroom for students to work at their own speed (e.G. Math and reading?)

Asked by: msmhembree
  • Yes yes yes

    As a teacher who integrates technology into her classroom on a weekly basis, I believe that computer based lessons are amazing to not only teach but also reinforce material. As I read other people's comments, I see that they see this as something messy that would not be effective because students would be tempted to go on other websites or will just talk with their friends instead of working.

    I beg to differ, I believe that if you set high expectations the first day of school on these computer, Student- led lessons, Then they will be extremely effective. From my experience this year, I've noticed that the lessons were done on the computer (online mummification's and wed-quests) have been the ones they remember the most.

    We do have to remember that this generation is completely different than when we were growing up. Standardized testing plays a bigger role now and teachers have to come up with innovative ideas to help students learn.

  • No they should not

    Although children should not be forced to work at a pace that they can not learn at, children do not learn as well on computers than in person. Students should be taught properly by teachers to ensure that they are getting the best education they can. Students are often distracted by games that become addictive to students. If students were to learn only by laptops, they would often play games instead of working. When students are taught in person, this ensures that all students in the year level learn all the things necessary to help them get the best results possible. If a student is learning faster and easier than others they should be enrolled in extra-curriculum activities to enhance their learning. This also means that if a student is behind they should consult their teacher for an explanation, or get a tutor.

  • Research supports it is disruptive and impedes social skills (e.G, conversation and listening).

    Students get addicted to the "games" on there (even if they are supposed to be learning), skip thru the lessons to play the games. They suffer addiction symptoms if the WiFi is down or computer lesson is cancelled for some reason. Students are not able (or refuse) to transition to books in the same day - they struggle to read lessons and do written lessons. They listen less, chatter more and disrespect the teacher and peer talking if there is "normal" class time without a mobile device. How can the computer lessons be changed so it less disruptive and engages social interaction?

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